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New Milestone
  1. Independent and Proud
    Big update! To make a long-story very short I have bought back my entire project and company from my venture capital investors. Whoot! Independent, se
  2. Post launch update
    We've been chipping away at small tasks to get ready to advertise more. Some things we've done since the soft launch is: - Launched on Product Hunt -
  3. Karmabot.chat weekly update, week 158
    🚀 US$376,092 ARR ↑2% vs. Aug 354 paying teams - Working on better über emoji mechanics - New blog post: https://j.mp/karma-values - Finalised Onboard
  4. August Update
    I'm almost a month late on my August update. August was my best month yet, where I reached $26,000 in revenue. The pipeline kept building over time an
  5. GTA Schools info is live.
    This is more of a hobby project and hopefully it benefits others. Its really helpful to have a Mini Directory of all the schools in the city you live
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