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New Milestone
  1. We made it to $250/mo in revenue
    After reaching $100 MRR in January, we've now just reached $250 MRR! We can now fully cover our server and database costs. The most surprising part is
  2. 🚀MVP Launched! + 🔥Free beta
    The feeling of launching for the first time is so amazing. I wanted to put an MVP quickly together and it took me a little bit more than expected but
  3. 🥳 YAY, First Gold Sponsor for HIGHSCORE.domains
    ✅ The leaderboard for finding out who owns more domains is done and I was thinking about what to do next. 🛳 So shipped an "Expiring" section https://
  4. 300 Subscribers
    I was trying to start a newsletter actually before Landing Page Checklist. I also enjoyed surfing on many underrated landing pages build by makers and
  5. Ready for Revenue!
    We just launched a version of the app that now allows us to collect money from users if they want to upgrade their groups. This has been requested by
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