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New Milestone
  1. We have reached $250 MRR 🥳
    Second week out of lifetime deal offer and today we have reached $250 MRR with 10 recurring customers. 6% weekly MRR growth after 3 new customers and
  2. First 100 users in waiting list
    Today we reach our first goal to get 100 emails from real users 🎉 We was doing a lot of tests to our ads and copywrite on the landing page. And it wa
  3. Karmabot.chat weekly update, week 143
    ARR US$339,336↑8% vs. May 338 paying teams - Got more testimonials - Added the ability to pause feedback and connect - Better Connect/Feedback schedul
  4. Ruby gem v0.2 release
    We just released the 0.2 version of the Ruby gem : https://github.com/BaseSecrete/active_analytics We wrote a post about it: https://www.basesecrete.c
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