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New Milestone
  1. $200 MRR and 40 paying customers
    This past weekend Thread Creator achieved two great milestones. Making it past $200 in monthly recurring revenue was a big step in this journey. It ha
  2. Website redesign: faster and more content
    The previous version of the website contained both the app and all the static public pages. This caused our landing page to be slower so I decided to
  3. Released MVP
    My normal development speed would be faster, but I'm writing my Full Stack SaaS product cookbook and course along side every step I make with ReduxPla
  4. Took a huge step in the right direction?
    Heyyy IH, I'm Moyo and i run NFT Hunt ( https://nfthunt.softr.app ) So, initially when i first started out with NFT Hunt, I had an Homepage then you s
  5. Release Candidate
    Release candidate with various updates. - Improved app guide - Better landing page - Official domain - SEO - Google Analytics - Database to production
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