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New Milestone
  1. Version 1.1.0. First Lifetime deal! Groups.
    From the previous release we've stabilized on the numbers we've achieved and for now, we're on the plateau with impressions and installs. We have laun
  2. SIgned on new developers
    Finally, I have a full-time team working on this APP. Now things are going to start ⛽ I posted on Indiehackers for tips on how to hire from Upwork. I'
  3. New landing page
    I've just updated our main page to better reflect the mission. Also included a few achievements because people love to see some stats behind initiativ
  4. Landing Page is live
    https://today.opencatalysts.tech It's on a subdomain of my company website right now till I decide on a domain name that I'm satisfied with. This migh
  5. 5 digital marketing ways to increase engagement
    App engagement metrics like churn rate, bounce rate, and retention rate are some of the best indicators to tell the success of an app. From a holistic
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