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New Milestone
  1. Front Page Hacker News: 188 points / 134 comments
    Posted the article Why most nonfiction fails to make money with a slightly tweaked headline on HN and it took off. Good reminder that in marketing eff
  2. March: $95 MRR + $528 in One-Time Payments
    STATS Hit the following Milestones in March Useful books: - 5 new subscription members at $19/month - 22 books sold at $24 (one-time payment) I've bee
  3. Alpha
    All showstopper features are now complete. 🥳 Next step is to spend more time on marketing/outreach to get my first paying customers. The biggest piec
  4. Released Promo Video
    This was an easy milestone to accomplished. It took me one weekend and most of the time was spent on downloading after effects adobe, I didn't even pa
  5. Published a blog post about why we're doing this
    It's at: https://dev.to/finished/you-should-be-keeping-a-list-of-everything-you-ve-shipped-499e I wanted to write down the motivations behind building
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