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New Milestone
  1. Social proof for the win!
    It's well-known that social proof increases your website conversion ratio. This is our approach to get the most out of it! Very soon after we started
  2. Crossed over 2000+ users on Brutask!
    Marketing or product development alone didn't get us till this milestone. It was actually understanding the real problem in the world of productivity-
  3. Funded by Y Combinator
    Good news everyone! I'm happy to announce that we at Beau have been funded by Y Combinator and joined the S21 batch! https://twitter.com/kyrilku/statu
  4. Published first blog post
    I'm currently trying to develop a meditation habit to meditate every day for 1 hour. So I thought this would be a good topic for my first blog post. M
  5. New Blog Post about Event Tracking!
    In our latest blog post, you can learn how we implemented reading time tracking and how we reliably track registrations from our backend, making use o
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