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New Milestone
  1. Forget search ads; we've got word of mouth!
    Yesterday I saw the first signup from a dealer from a store that's not using our point-of-sale product (https://quailhq.com). Ever since we launched S
  2. Learn from users and adapt flow
    Booksbank is currently in what I believe to be the hardest part for a product launch, the initial Beta testing! I have been listening very hard to cli
  3. We've done a lot!
    When things have been as crazy as they have been in the last few months it is easy to forget to take the time to reflect on how much progress Letterwe
  4. Email Tracing Added
    Before I tracked outbound emails but now that has been enhanced dramatically. I switched to using PostmarkApp for outbound emailing. I added this feat
  5. Full Integration with PostmarkApp
    Today I added PostmarkApp as a possible methodology for sending emails from the Wizards Toolkit. I made it so by setting two global variables in the "
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