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New Milestone
  1. Launched on Product Hunt.
    Finally launched on PH. I have prepared a detailed blueprint specifically designed for SaaS Businesses. All of the tactics and strategies come down wi
  2. Launched on Reddit and renaming this project
    I posted about my project on Reddit. Found related subreddit "nonfictionbooksclub" where instead of just self-promoting my project, I sincerely asked
  3. Astramind for Makers in the building stage
    We'll soon be launching for founders & developers to post build in public updates on multiple timelines while also creating an audience for their prod
  4. New feature: Study Group
    We are adding a way to help professionals learn together in a collaborative and supportive environment. Talentroom's Study Groups can really help prof
  5. Showcase of First Website
    I was finally able to replace the holding "Showcase" page with an actual page showcasing an actual website that is using Wizards Toolkit. https://wiza
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