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New Milestone
  1. I sold Vibecast. My side hustle earned over $65k
    I sold my side-project, Vibecast. https://www.indiehackers.com/product/vibecast As I've nearly finished handing it over to the new owner (who will kee
  2. Finished MVP
    Built an MVP with Django. Took a lot of time as this was more of complete product than an MVP and it consists of all the features I want except for go
  3. Batch 4 coming today
    Today our new batch will launch! Currently, we're finishing the Logos & making sure we're ready to publish some high-quality names again. Of our 10 na
  4. It's time to hide our revenue :(
    This is devastating for me but having public numbers is starting to affect us. This will hardly be my last product though so I look forward to joining
  5. Today we're live on Product Hunt!
    After 1 year of dev, we launched Noor—the app for drop-in voice and video chat for remote teams. In late 2019, we saw the challenge that remote work c
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