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New Milestone
  1. IH Launch
    Launched Switch at IndieHackers, primarily to get some feedback on the product before we announce it to the wider world. Switch helps Shopify store ow
  2. Launched on Product Hunt
    I launched Sincerely, Me today on Product Hunt! It didn't take off like my last similar project (MailThis). I think a tweet from @ProductHunt last tim
  3. Launched
    Launched the world's first platform to create and launch cryptocurrency tokens in seconds. Not only you can create your own deflationary BEP-20 token,
  4. Launched SEOCopy.ai MVP (Beta) 🎉
    After an awkward night of developing whilst my arm is aching (Pfizer vaccine 🥳), I'm so happy to say that the first version (MVP) of SEOCopy.ai is te
  5. 10K Users
    It's all about product quality. If you have a cool product that you love with all your heart, then users will also love it. The main thing is not to s
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