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New Milestone
  1. Wishpy is now #2 and #3 for in Google Play search
    The keywords are "wishlist" and "registry", it's a little bit biased search, because depending on who's searching the results are slightly different.
  2. Launched on Idie Hackers
    I'm pleased to be listed on Indie Hackers. More information about our products will be shared here. The free version of the plugin is available on Wor
  3. Added a form for early access
    - Changed the copy of sdet.club little bit - Added a form submission and a flow to tag user for day 1 to 30 - I am going to launch 3 challenges 30 Day
  4. New feature: csv import
    One of the key issues when you start using Beanvest has now been solved : How do you get data in ? You can now import a .csv file with all your transa
  5. Finished the MVP
    I started with a very simple browser extension which adds a custom search engine to the browser and randomly use a different search engine for each se
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