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New Milestone
  1. Successfully sold Pingr
    So, that's it. I sold Pingr. Even though I had negative revenue, I was able to cover my development expenses with the sale. The offer was indeed very
  2. New Submission Service!
    The service idea is quite simple (and came from customers requests): SpreadtheWorld is a database of 400+ places to promote your startup. But, it take
  3. Started working on Codewell — Hired a Developer
    This is the first time I'm fully committing to a project and by committing I meant hiring a developer to help bring my idea to life. Definitely an exc
  4. Launched !!
    Yeah it's official we launched our biggest side project yesterday. We are using an Evergreen launch model so it's not all about go add instead about j
  5. Open for Business
    Today, after a couple of months of testing and research, r4nkt officially opened up for business. That is to say, plans and their major features were
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