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New Milestone
  1. Quit my £600/day job to run Roast My Landing Page
    Major milestone for me. I've made the decision to go full time on my side project, and I start today. Let me share why I've made this difficult decisi
  2. Toko is being put on hold
    I have decided to postpone developing Toko for the immediate future whilst I conduct market research and validate a new product, which I will be short
  3. Nearing 100% of my first version checklist
    Over the last few days I've worked through the final pieces of the puzzle before being ready to start seeking out feedback outside of my normal circle
  4. Got interviewed by Business Insider
    Got interview by Business Insider about making $34k in a year from teaching google sheets. https://twitter.com/stokel/status/1381571250078760960 The b
  5. Added new functionality
    You can now see web vitals origin fallback for any page which doesn't have field data. You can also choose to turn-off origin data completely. And set
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