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New Milestone
  1. We made it to $250/mo in revenue
    After reaching $100 MRR in January, we've now just reached $250 MRR! We can now fully cover our server and database costs. The most surprising part is
  2. 🚀MVP Launched! + 🔥Free beta
    The feeling of launching for the first time is so amazing. I wanted to put an MVP quickly together and it took me a little bit more than expected but
  3. Open sourced our library on GitHub
    After about 2 months of coding most days, we launched Nimbo on GitHub: https://github.com/nimbo-sh/nimbo. The core features are implemented and we are
  4. Launching
    Launch csplayground.io on Product Hunt and Reddit yesterday and these are the stats after 24 hours. Product hunt: 23 upvotes Reddit: 58 upvotes Visito
  5. Signed our first LOI
    We have been talking with our first strategic partner in Health Tech . Finally, we have agreed on licensing our software into their platform. We will
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