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New Milestone
  1. The character of the Week: Namsiku
    When we created Namsiku, we were based on the meaning of the name: Jaguar man, the idea arises from an older person who, thanks to his age, has acquir
  2. The petroglyphs a source of inspiration
    These past days we have been working hard on a lot of details of our IndieGame Namsiku: Path of the Fang and wanted to show a piece of our Gamer artwo
  3. Ranking Boost with Simple SEO strategy
    As an SEO expert, I love experimenting things with new stuff. Because I do not have a big budget to buy links, but I have a ton of ideas. In Geekever,
  4. Monthly roundup
    It's been a month! Reel first month roundup: 🕸️ 1400 website visitors 👨🏻‍💻 215 sign ups 💰 $426 revenue 💵 $185 MRR 💳 19 paying customers 🚀 100%
  5. Beta for mockupclips.com now live!
    After a month long private trial period, where we had friends and family test out our product for free, we've fixed bugs and ironed out the most egreg
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