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New Milestone
  1. First Town Hall Scheduled!
    I launched $PLAY Coin over on https://rally.io in late April, and it's quickly grown to be in the top 10 Creator Coins there. My core team has grown f
  2. $100 MRR
    Have just started taking on revenue and looking to bring two more customers from two different verticals into the fold. Now looking at expanding suppo
  3. Price2Spy now offers Shopware integration!
    As you know, Price2Spy is always trying to provide the best service to its customers. One of the ways for doing so is by offering different integratio
  4. $110 MRR
    Reel just reached a 3-digit MRR on the third week since launch. At this point, I've done zero marketing and couldn't be happier with the result. It's
  5. Support First-Class CI/CD Cloud security
    Some CI/CD platforms which build your solutions provide easy ways to authenticate to your cloud provider. Most Don't. And even when they do like Gitla
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