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New Milestone
  1. Social proof for the win!
    It's well-known that social proof increases your website conversion ratio. This is our approach to get the most out of it! Very soon after we started
  2. Product Hunt Launch
    I finally got around to launch the product on Product Hunt. I mainly hope to get some backlinks and some feedback because the project is kind of in hi
  3. Launched on Product Hunt!
    Get stressed when users complain your app is broken? Me too. So, I built no-code testing tool that helps eliminate bugs in your web app. You don't nee
  4. Yay! my Landing Page is completed!
    My landing page is fully implemented. Works nicely on all devices starting from small phones up to 4k monitors. I didn't publish it yet because I want
  5. Astra's vulnerability scanner is now detecting Git
    A critical SSRF vulnerability was uncovered in GitLab that potentially allowed hackers to steal passwords/cloud services credentials. Astra's vulnerab
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