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New Milestone
  1. Reached $2K MRR
    Instatus just reached $2K MRR 🚀 It's an exciting checkpoint to reach, but my goal is to reach $5K MRR by the end of 2021. Here's how I plan to do it:
  2. Begin asking recurring users for feedback
    I want to get feedback from regular users so I implement logic in the app to send them a one-time prompt for feedback the next time they use it. User
  3. Secured 10 Qualcomm chips for our prototypes!
    Since this my first post, let me mention this about my product. LavLapel (www.lavlapel.com) is a Pocket Friendly, High Quality Lapel Mic for Content c
  4. (Re)launched Landing Page
    I got some great feedback on my initial landing page in this IH post. I'm prepping for an exciting month ahead where I'm distributing my first content
  5. Top 40+ Javascript Memes We Love
    😆Top 40+ Javascript Memes We Love| Programming Humor :D 👉https://flatlogic.com/blog/top-40-javascript-meme-for-developers/ We love JavaScript memes!
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