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New Milestone
  1. Pricing update
    After getting my first subscriber right after launch, CodeWrite hasn't moved much in terms of revenue. Sure, I've got like >70 free users, but again -
  2. We released one more brand new template 🎉
    This is our second free template built with Tailwind CSS Framework. Free HTML Landing Page template for your next online service – Built with Tailwind
  3. Got First subscriber
    Just checkout today, and I found a new imager200 subscriber. I am glad to see that finally after all this marketing effort, the product finally starte
  4. Over 1k weekly votes and 10k page views
    We're onboarding new teams and products on a regular basis now, and so it is fun to see how we are steadily building the traffic to our platform. We'r
  5. Started Programming
    The Idea is still more in my mind than manifested in code. I work on this side project online shop and also doing the artworks. The shop is build with
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