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New Milestone
  1. Newsletter sponsorship thoughts
    The first newsletter I sponsored was The Slice, for just $10. That got me 8 mailing list signups. So next I tried Indie Letters, for $50. That got me
  2. Accidental Hacker News launch: Reached 100 members
    100 paid* members, couldn't fit that in the milestone title. In total, we're now 203 strong :) "Thanks" (๐Ÿ˜‚) to a random person for posting my launch
  3. Small Improvements, Simple Systems
    A few small updates from around our `yeniverse`... ... the first is that I'm making small improvements to the YEN.FM newsletter every week โ€” simple th
  4. My Favorite Word
    It seems that every single person has a different "take" on the word `fuck` and what it means to them and how offensive it is (or isn't) and whether o
  5. Revamped the landing page
    We recently revamped our landing page in preparation of our official launch of Showwcase. We're finally at the stage where we want to publicly share S
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