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New Milestone
  1. Community Finder Post-mortem, what went wrong?
    In September of 2020 I closed Engineering Growth project to fully concentrate on Community Finder. At that time Community finder is this mega project
  2. Phoenix Down merges with Failory!
    Happy to announce that Phoenix Down is merging with Failory to bring more stories to help makers succeed🎉 I'm thrilled to help @nicocerdeira achieve
  3. Dev Concepts - Week 15 progress
    Hey there! This week I've felt exhausted each and every day. On Tuesday & Thursday, I just couldn't find any motivation to write. As you can guess it
  4. InoStack a newsletter ghost theme (Released)
    We are pleased to announce that we have released another ghost theme called InoStack A minimal newsletter theme to build a pure newsletter site like r
  5. Added Example User Journey Map
    We spent some time designing an example app that we would use to demo the feature set of reciprocal.dev and validate which features users find valuabl
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