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New Milestone
  1. Independent and Proud
    Big update! To make a long-story very short I have bought back my entire project and company from my venture capital investors. Whoot! Independent, se
  2. August Update
    I'm almost a month late on my August update. August was my best month yet, where I reached $26,000 in revenue. The pipeline kept building over time an
  3. GTA Schools info is live.
    This is more of a hobby project and hopefully it benefits others. Its really helpful to have a Mini Directory of all the schools in the city you live
  4. Sneak peek: dynamic audio insertion
    Here's a sneak peek at Transistor's new dynamic audio insertion feature: https://youtu.be/nqKjCdVSbgY For podcasters stuck in complicated enterprise D
  5. Published Landing Page
    https://get.independly.io/ Today I published the landing page for Independly with screenshots of the MVP. Now people can sign up for early access, whi
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