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New Milestone
  1. First 2 users
    We launched the first prototype and got 2 leads requesting more information on job positions they are applying for or willing to apply. Both positions
  2. Sold my 2nd ad ever to AppSumo for $300
    Ended up selling my second add via SwapStack to AppSumo to run in my newsletter. This also means that I'll generate about $700 this month from my news
  3. Shipped Final Draft - 62k Works To Editor
    I ended up writing like a maniac in August and September and really seemed to have unlocked something after taking some time off and then getting back
  4. 1st Sponsored Post
    I wanted to collaborate mainly to increase my learning on a particular topic. I enjoyed working with an expert on Organisational Network Analysis, Fra
  5. 80K 30 days active users
    We just crossed 80K 30 days active users. Our Alexa rank is hovering around 70K. We still have very few paid customers, though with the large number o
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