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New Milestone
  1. Featured in Apple AppStore!
    Finally! We got noticed! VoxRec (dictation to text app) is featured in the "Hot This Week" section of the US App Store. You can find it in the 3rd tab
  2. Added 7 daily active users in 7 days
    I have 3 important updates: 1. I onboarded 2 teams that reached out through my Twitter DMs and one of them invited 7 of his coworkers 🚀This team has
  3. Mailist for Safari – Finally!
    Thanks to recently released Safari Extensions, we were finally able to deliver our plugin to Safari users. It took 15 minutes to migrate the plugin fr
  4. Got the first entry after making it paid only
    There are a couple of things I did. - Started showing only the verified count in the leaderboard hence it brings some credibility and doesn't look lik
  5. Ai có thể sử dụng Collagen cá tuyết Ona Global.
    Collagen cá tuyết Ona Global được mệnh danh là “vũ khí thần thánh” giúp chị em làm đẹp trong nửa năm đầu 2021. Vậy ai là người thích hợp nhất để sử dụ
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