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New Milestone
  1. 🎉 $7,000 MRR in 3.5 months!
    Software Ideas has hit $7,000 MRR from over 350 amazing readers! The growth has continued to climb due to efforts from a few places: 1. Twitter - I'm
  2. New forest design (isometric style) ✨🌳
    New sprite for trees in the forest on plantmyforest.com Just switch from apple emoticons trees to a true isometric (beautiful) design. It adds a real
  3. 150+ Subscribers! 🎉
    I posted my first newsletter just under two weeks ago, so things are going well so far! I've mainly grown via LinkedIn and Twitter. I've yet to find a
  4. Progress
    Hey Indie Hackers! These few days were very productive. I am half done with the features of Kotaru and the landing page is also ready. I showed the pa
  5. Starting again?
    After some good feedback we have taken a long hard look at our current platform. Its OK and does the job for now but there are some areas it restricts
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