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New Milestone
  1. Got my mom as a customer
    I received a reply to the automated welcome email in OneUp... from my mom. She started an online teaching curriculum, and wanted to use OneUp to sched
  2. We now have 500 paying subscribers!馃帀
    We now have 500 paying customers of conveythis.com It's great considering that we passed 400 customers just last month. We are gonna do $150,000 in re
  3. 馃摵 Demo Video Finished!
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=426y4I0uKXQ Finally finished recording and editing the demo video. It was actually much longer then I thought i
  4. 10% Conversion Rate on Reddit
    My post on /r/QuantifiedSelf ended up sending over 56 users to my site in 2 days. Which gave me a great opportunity to see if users would actually try
  5. First Blog post
    While we are working on our first version of Minimum Viable Product we started interviewing quite a lot of people and researching a lot about the Meet
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