New Milestone
  1. First paying customer!
    I'm so happy to announce that finally I can monetize Charts Factory! I was thinking to change my yearly plan to monthly but I saw that somebody living
  2. Came up with the idea
    Two months into consulting engagement, having some free time and thinking about working on something small. Had started actively using Twitter during
  3. Got 40+ likes on Facebook using 13euro advertising
    Just started experimenting with an ad for on Facebook for the Shopify audience. The results have been amazing! Till now I have spent only 13
  4. Converted the app into a PWA
    The goal was for users to be able to "install" the app so that the process is even faster, and of course, able to work offline. I realize this is of c
  5. Implemented SSR-Auth
    What the heck is SSR-Auth?? Let me tell you by giving a bit of background. The auth flows on Forty are handled via Firebase, when you sign into the we
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