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  1. Quit my £600/day job to run Roast My Landing Page
    Major milestone for me. I've made the decision to go full time on my side project, and I start today. Let me share why I've made this difficult decisi
  2. AWS Cost Optimization E-book
    We've been working on an e-book that guides AWS users through some of the best practices to reduce their cloud costs. This e-book will help users crea
  3. 30k Units Sold, Over $2.5M in Revenue!
    In 6 months since our launch, we have experienced some CRAZY growth! With a mix of organic growth and us figuring out how to win with Facebook ads, we
  4. Google Play Top 1 ranking
    After several months of back and fourth changing the ASO, getting more and more users writing reviews ( I did not pay neither plan on paying for 5* re
  5. 3,742 Subscribers
    I niche down my topics on tech trends and weekly learnings to attract a certain group of readers who have higher consumer power to pay for my content
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