New Milestone
  1. Launching as a 2.0 on Product Hunt!
    Today I'm launching the latest and greatest version of Lunch Money on Product Hunt! Lunch Money was hunted back in August 2019 and I found out much to
  2. Saturdays` newsletters fixed (finally!)!
    Three weeks in a row we've been experiencing errors on sending our weekly email newsletters to users. This was quite of a challenge to debug it but fi
  3. 1000 users
    I've had a successful launch on Product Hunt, Hacker News, and Reddit. We've reached position #2 on the Hacker News front page and #4 on PH. In 2 days
  4. Use Hotmail Backup Sofware to dowload Emails
    This Tool is designed to efficiently back up all the emails and save them into Hard Drive, PC or USB Drive. Users can easily save Hotmail Emails, Draf
  5. Added Lottie and Animated SVG Exports to Flow
    This is a huge milestone for us. Flow now exports to Lottie and aSVG files. Why is this big? Because we can now compete with After Effects for the UI
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