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New Milestone
  1. MVP Launched
    For the last two weeks I've been building an MVP and now it's finally ready. People who signed up for early access can start creating their Launch Cam
  2. Released debt ratio calculator
    Another day, another tool! This time, a ratio calculator between bad and good debt, and very important data point people should consider when analysin
  3. Beta Launch!
    We launched our beta version this week to our 200+ beta users waiting on our waitlist. It has been a wild ride but it's definitely worth it. You can s
  4. Segment feedback by Intercom data
    We've now launched the concept of "Segments" in Noora. So it is now a breeze to create segments to filter feedback on. As part of this we have also ad
  5. 20 issues and $1200 revenue
    Today I'm sending out the 20th issue of my newsletter Community Weekly and celebrating the revenue mark. This 20 issues really were a learning curve f
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