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New Milestone
  1. $250,000 in mentor payouts!
    It's a bit crazy to even think about, but I ran the numbers today and had to get into some pretty old payment accounts – but looks like with this mont
  2. 🎉Beta launch
    Today is the day, I've finally mustered up enough courage to launch the Beta version for UI Coach. I created a landing page as an MVP about a month ag
  3. Just got featured!
    We're incredibly happy to say that Panelbear just got featured on Product Hunt! This is an important milestone for us as I it marks the transition fro
  4. Sent "Building Relationships" Email
    Yesterday I sent the second email to the SaaS Manual list. It now has 705 subscribers 🎉 This email covered the importance of building relationships w
  5. New feature! InDexter for Shopify has arrived.
    I am super excited to announce that you can now integrate Shopify with InDexter. The process has taken a bit longer than originally planned, but the d
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