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New Milestone
  1. Launched!
    It is just a mailing list, but it is a big step for me. Glad to have made it. The idea is to provide a place for tax technologists to keep up with eve
  2. Updated Our Templating System
    When we originally built the TogetherLetters app, we just hacked together an email templating solution. That was a huge mistake. We have now transitio
  3. Chirp launch 🚀
    We've officially launched getchirp.co and have had a great response so far. A few thousand surveys are scheduled to launch next week for some leading
  4. First Annual Subscriber
    I launched this newsletter as a fun experiment and wasn't sure how long am I going to run it for. But looks like now I need to run it at least for a y
  5. Getting back to work
    I'm getting back to work on this project after one year. Due to several reasons, I had to pause my work on this project a few weeks after I started. W
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