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New Milestone
  1. Looking for buyers
    Due to the lack of time to continue with this project, I have decided to put it up for sale. I don't have time enough to focus on marketing and sales
  2. 2 weeks in, what I've done:
    It's easy to feel like I'm not going anywhere when just getting started, but the truth is I've accomplished a lot in the first two weeks. It helps to
  3. Open-source & Free
    Plz DM Me was a fun project to work on, but it doesn't have the type of legs I would like out of a side project. I learned a ton about the Twitter API
  4. Rewrite x2
    Since the last time I've updated this, I've updated the tech stack of the blog twice. Insane. The site is now entirely open source and is built with N
  5. Coded movement detection and sunrise LED sequence
    Wrote the code and iterated fast on it. Circuit Python is amazing for this! I've been coding on a bench in a high street shopping zone and honestly in
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