New Milestone
  1. $70,000 in revenue with CSS Scan browser extension
    My browser extension reached $70,000+ in sales! Who said that browser extensions couldn't be monetized? It took me 9 months to
  2. 100 users joined Owwly
    Mission unblocked 🔓 After 2 months from last big release (sign in option included) - Owwly has 100 logged in users on the board. Pre
  3. $20k MRR!
    We hit our goal! $20,000 per month was the number I wanted when I started The Church Co 5 years ago as a hobby. That was the dream. We just crossed th
  4. 2 Years of existence. First sponsor
    2 Years of existence and found my first sponsor! From March to October a local restaurante will sponsor by 100€/month, a total of 800€ for t
  5. Just pushed a redesign of Bitcompare
    Overhauled the website with a more modern, fresh and fun design. We want to give the feeling of trust and quality when it comes to https://www.bitcomp