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New Milestone
  1. Announced BuhalBu's Kit
    After several days of planning, I've decided to announce BuhalBu's Kit as a "build-in-public project." I published the announcement on Twitter, Linked
  2. Realized: Podcast sponsoring = Easy backlinks
    Getting backlinks for a startup is always a pain, and it can require a sweat and tear to get some initial backlinks to help your new site start rankin
  3. 🦈 Challenge was launch today 🦈
    Yesterday on Telegram I posted day zero of my trial. In this post, I go into more detail about this issue and why it is so important. And today I want
  4. The start of something?
    Currently reading the 10231th article on how to deal with big enterprise customers... Just got off the call with one of them. They are unusually big a
  5. Launched
    I took the advice I have heard @csallen say so many times. Just do something. No website, no domain purchase, no code, no distractions. Just a Google
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