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New Milestone
  1. I roasted 200 landing pages in 12 months - £70,000
    200 roasts, £70,000 in revenue and 642 cans of Diet Coke later 12 months of roasting landing pages Over the last twelve months I've roasted the landin
  2. StonkFace is on the App Store
    After a few months of evenings and weekends the primary focus of which stocks are performing best this year is available to use. It is my first app, s
  3. Document Node 1.4.6 with document list view
    Instead of listing icons of a folder, we developed a document list view to show summaries of documents. As shown in the cover image, we can quickly na
  4. Alpha version online!
    The alpha version is online and useable! With covid & the kids at home, this has been an exercise in the finding time to chip away... I'm already usin
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