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New Milestone
  1. 10 subscribers to early access!
    Using Mailchimp and having a landing page, I started to share the project around on socials, reddit and talking to people. My aim was to get 10 subscr
  2. 32 subscribers to early access - Wow!
    Two days after I git 10 subscribers, we shot up to 32 subscribers! I have continued to share the project around and continued to see more traffic to t
  3. Just completed our landing page.
    We just completed our landing page here: https://www.airsnap.io/. While the product is still being worked on, we want to start collecting some early i
  4. First paying customer 💰
    After building at least 10-15 products (some released, some did not see the light of the day, https://www.akshaydeo.com/products/) on the side, https:
  5. 9 customers
    We just reached 9 subscribers within 2 months of the first line of code. The best part is that we really love our customers. We get to meet some of ni
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