New Milestone
  1. 2,655$ / March Revenue
    March was a very good month for my work revenue. The following are the resources: - 650 -> Total sales at ThemeForest. This includes all my themes for
  2. 1 New Subscriber Each Day for 7 Days
    I don't know if this *qualifies* for a milestone, but hey - this made me super happy. And I want to log it, and share it. For the past 1 week, from 27
  3. Coupon Code for IH!
    People on this platform helped me so much so I made a coupon code for Indie Hackers! You can use these two coupon codes while subscribing Monthly or Y
  4. Published "In Pandemic"
    TLDR: Used my nervous energy to build and publish a new side project: I've hard a lot of nervous energy since being told to sta
  5. The end of Pohi
    Pohi was a great project and learning experience, but all things come to an end. Unfortunately after validating the idea I realized that the target au
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