New Milestone
  1. Google Login vs. Regular Email - Almost 50% used G
    Implemented Google Login just before my launch on Product Hunt. PH gave 75 new accounts, and 31 of them was created with Google as a login. This is mo
  2. Launched on Product Hunt!
    Finally! I knew I would do this since the moment I started working on the idea. I've made a special discount because of this - 66% off for the Pro ver
  3. Goals and Dreams
    🥳 48 members 💰 $225 MRR Done ✅ Create marketing posts for Medium, Reddit and all social networks. To-do ➡️ Have members share their goals and dreams
  4. NEW - create about pages for projects & teams
    After some amazing feedback and support from you and other members on Indie Hackers, I'm back with an update on One Profile. The most requested featur
  5. Deployed to AWS
    In the past I've always used Heroku for projects. It was fairly expensive and we ran into scaling issues when we experienced high volume. So this time