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New Milestone
  1. First sale! 🎉
    It only took a few days from someone to place a first order! It's only $10, but still I feel like I've accomplished something useful that people can a
  2. We've got 4 paying customers so far.
    It's been something like 6 weeks since we discontinued the free plan. In that moment we had 120 users on that free plan and we moved them to a 30-day
  3. Introducing Create Signature From Scratch
    We are introducing the Create From Scratch feature – an advanced method that allows you to create your own HTML email signature pieces using the Bybra
  4. Android App Live!
    Excited that our Android app is finally live! We've crossed 1K+ sign ups since our website launch and I believe the mobile app will greatly increase o
  5. Already a $5k Revenue Month
    Thank you May! We're only a third of the way through May and already Better Sheets has generated $5k of revenue. Of course I don't make it all but I d
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