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New Milestone
  1. Combination Generator Tool released with 1.3.0
    Many times we need to generate combinations of data between multiple datasets. For example, in case of color converter color spaces can be converted b
  2. We have launched Angel Match 2.0 today.
    Major improvements have been made. Now we have over 90,000 investors, 73,000 of them have emails and 50,000+ emails are verified. We also added new fi
  3. indieposts on indiehackers
    Since I failed to add it to google search console. I'm posting this for those who tried to find but failed. As someone who doesn't register domains in
  4. July Monthly Update
    July was a great month for Enterprise DNA as we launched new courses, showcases and events. These Enterprise DNA updates show that we’re exploring eve
  5. Two weeks later: 50+ returning users
    Two weeks after a middling launch on IH/HN/Reddit/PH, I'm sitting pretty at just over 50 recurring users. Looking at analytics, it looks like almost a
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