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New Milestone
  1. Sold to a new owner!
    I sold Callcounter to a new owner. This way I can focus all my time on everlint.com, which I enjoy working on more and which has already made some rev
  2. Create and sell online courses
    I'm building a platform where to sell my online courses on. I call it "Software Engineering Boss - where you learn software engineering like a boss" I
  3. 400th subscriber
    We just celebrated for passing 400 subscriber, and with that we managed to release a new version. Although development doesn't seem to be going as we
  4. Free Lifestyle Illustrations 🍕🍦🍹
    Make your projects more colourful with 12 free illustration scenes and 15 characters! This is Lifestyle Illustrations 😍 Pack perfect for designers, s
  5. Landing page is live
    Have you ever built something for days, weeks or months, without ever showing it to somebody? You hack away at the thing, try to imagine features and.
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