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New Milestone
  1. 🎉 1500 users!!
    We crossed 1500 users this morning. CMO was out for the whole month too with urgent issues he needed to address with his house, so I'm proud I was abl
  2. Made an animation to celebrate the last challenge
    We finished the 10-day Econub challenge two days ago, and to celebrate it, I made a short animation in Procreate with Nub (our character) biking throu
  3. Launching Tomorrow
    Completed code for allowing users to query across multiple types of tabular data with SQL such as Google Sheets and Airtable. Writing up a launch plan
  4. Leaving Ever Arcane Inc.
    It's always difficult to know when to move on. It's time to move on. Submitted my Resignation today. I have a first-hand understanding as to why VCs u
  5. MVP complete
    Finally got the MVP to a point I feel (uncomfortably) comfortable to share it: https://listlinks.co/ There's still a lot to do but it's now possible t
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