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New Milestone
  1. New customers from AppSumo
    Launching Pixela in AppSumo helps me to bring in new customers. I've prepared a landing page explaining the differences between the standard Basic pla
  2. Simplescraper just hit 20,000 chrome installs!
    Hey Indiehackers, I've lurked more than I've posted since signing up in 2017. For the last year+ I've been busy building Simplescraper (https://simple
  3. I add a section with maker interviews
    *I have not offically launch the project* 🎙Because I collect feedback from users 🔥And every day new maker register and share their no-code projects
  4. 61 users!
    Within less than 2 weeks, we have 61 new users to web KOYA! The best part is that we are starting to see these users migrate over to downloading our i
  5. I added a series of video demos on Youtube
    it may be daunting sometimes to start using a new product when you have an immediate usage need. Although, imager200 is simple, I have worked in the l
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