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New Milestone
  1. Forget search ads; we've got word of mouth!
    Yesterday I saw the first signup from a dealer from a store that's not using our point-of-sale product (https://quailhq.com). Ever since we launched S
  2. We passed 100,000 free users
    Well actually it's been a while since the count stands at 144,763 (up 19% from 30 days ago). More important we keep getting amazing feedback like this
  3. Soft-launched in three stores
    One of the most frequent complaints I hear from stores that use Quail (https://quailhq.com) is how much time they spend chasing up their dealers for l
  4. First 2 users
    We launched the first prototype and got 2 leads requesting more information on job positions they are applying for or willing to apply. Both positions
  5. Sold my 2nd ad ever to AppSumo for $300
    Ended up selling my second add via SwapStack to AppSumo to run in my newsletter. This also means that I'll generate about $700 this month from my news
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