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New Milestone
  1. 1K visitors and 91 subscribers
    We reached 1,000 new visitors on Getlanding.io and 91 subscribers on the waiting list. +218 new visitors and +21 new subscribers came the last week (S
  2. Automatio Weekly Progress Update #14
    Hey makers, how was your previous week? Here is last week progress update on https://automatio.co: - 💰 Got 1 paid user $99/m plan - 📝 Published 2 ne
  3. New no-code template editor
    When the included template library isn't enough, the no-code template editor enables you to create a customized template. You can then generate many b
  4. [Product Update] September theme
    Hello Everyone, We are adding a new theme called Goblin to the visioun library. Our goal is to add a new theme each month. Goblin, Newsletter first bl
  5. Energy Level Tracker, Linux Support, and more
    I'm happy to be releasing Lunatask 1.1 today with Energy Level Tracker, Improved Habit Scheduling, Password-protected Notebooks, New UI Themes, Linux
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