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New Milestone
  1. We decided to build a product feedback tool
    Two years ago, we started bootstrapping several API products. With a growing customer base, we started receiving more and more feedback through our cu
  2. LT Browser Awards & Accolades🚀
    LT Browser recognized as "Rising Star' offering "Great User Experience" a "High Performer" offering a "Quality Product" by a "Trusted Vendor" and have
  3. Stayed on Hacker News front page for 14 hours!
    I submitted to HackerNews following the advice from Pieter Levels makebook.io - and stayed around to reply to the comments and because my project is l
  4. Launched pre-MVP live on domain
    Just 30 mins of work yesterday to get a rough design down. Still need to make it mobile-responsive, add exporting, and build a lot of functionality su
  5. Launch!
    So, last year was brutal - for everyone on the planet. Among other things, for me it meant a pause on API Bakery plans, so I finally picked it back up
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