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New Milestone
  1. Wavve Acquired By Calm Capital
    Wavve has been acquired by Calm Capital (https://calmcapital.com). Towards the end of last year, we started to realize that the skills needed to take
  2. Shipped service to send a daily digest
    Today I created my first cron job to send out daily mailers. Idea is to keep users engaged with the content people putting in Reads.Co I used crontab.
  3. I Still Believe
    The days are short, the nights; long. The work of the entrepreneur and startup founder doesn't ever stop, even and especially when it feels as if "not
  4. Launched OfficeMixer Blog
    Launching OfficeMixer blog. First thoughts WordPress, Wix, Google. Options are either expensive or outdated. So I opted for self-hosted Ghost on Digit
  5. Ending the Shanah Experiment
    [Originally posted on the Shanah Meta Blog: https://medium.com/shanah-blog/ending-the-shanah-experiment-8e215bc1fcb6] After some consideration, I’ve d
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