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New Milestone
  1. Finished initial editor mockups
    When building the prototype that we used to validate the idea of an interactive User Journey Map we focused purely on the 'read' mode as we figured th
  2. Beta Test with Creators
    We've built the product to a point where we want to trial run with a select group of content creators. The key attributes we are looking for are creat
  3. v0.0.8 - Beta
    Loopple has a new update, v0.0.8 - Beta with the following changes: - Rename the 'structure' tab in 'grid' - Add images for grid options - Add complex
  4. Finished the MVP
    Please visit https://repomeister.com and share your feedback! I <3 positive feedback but I really <3 <3 <3 negative feedback about what you miss/disli
  5. 1 Month Anniversary
    Sent out BomH 4. Read here: https://preview.mailerlite.com/d7g6l4 Subscribe here: https://subscribepage.com/bomh It's now the single best issue of Bom
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