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New Milestone
  1. We’ve got 63 signed-up people on the waiting lis
    1. This is our traction while we build an MVP. 2. The original idea is to let @Getlanding do all the grunt work for generating perfect landing pages a
  2. Keep Going Development
    Hello Everbody, My name is Enes and I am a bubble developer. Last Month My friend told me "-Hey Enes My customer wants a delivery app you can build th
  3. Trying a little growth hack
    I am a huge Notion fan but there's this one thing that is still not available: A simple table. Yes, there's no simple to add to your Notion page 😆 Ho
  4. Published a Founder Interview
    My solution helps SaaS businesses find new customers. However, to start to get it going, I need to build a small community of people, and I've been do
  5. First Page of Google
    After publishing the BEST guide to Inbox Productivity last week, we are excited to share that we are already ranking on the first page of Google (#5!)
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