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New Milestone
  1. Forget search ads; we've got word of mouth!
    Yesterday I saw the first signup from a dealer from a store that's not using our point-of-sale product (https://quailhq.com). Ever since we launched S
  2. Social sharing to land more interviews
    Used CSAllen's social media post to create social media posts for resumes that helped users to reach more eyes on their resume on LinkedIn and land mo
  3. We passed 100,000 free users
    Well actually it's been a while since the count stands at 144,763 (up 19% from 30 days ago). More important we keep getting amazing feedback like this
  4. Soft-launched in three stores
    One of the most frequent complaints I hear from stores that use Quail (https://quailhq.com) is how much time they spend chasing up their dealers for l
  5. First 2 users
    We launched the first prototype and got 2 leads requesting more information on job positions they are applying for or willing to apply. Both positions
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