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New Milestone
  1. New website design live
    As we are a two-sided marketplace, we target two audiences; SaaS companies and potential partners. With the new landing page we are able to give them
  2. Came up with the Idea
    In April, 2021 I was reading Josh Comeau's blog post about how he built his blog. I was amazed by all the little details and interactivity that he add
  3. Marketing Week
    This was mostly a flop! The idea was to create some articles to help developers build apps in a blog, but lost focus. I keep going back to the drawing
  4. ConectoHub Mobile
    After some trouble and hard work ConectoHub mobile is ready to be released. It provides to our users mobility with their work. They can manage work fr
  5. Feature: Performance tuning
    I've been improving the page insights, this is the version that is based on manifests. I am working on a pre-render version, not as flexible as the ma
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