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New Milestone
  1. Authress is now AWS EventBridge Partner
    Now you can consume authentication and authorization events emitted by Authress to trigger custom actions or integrate with your existing SIEM (Securi
  2. My daughter was annoying me, so...
    My daughter was 7yo and wanted to buy video games. Since I don't approve many spendings, I thought I could teach her the value of money with a small w
  3. App Deployment
    Deployed with Vercel. Learned how to host and port forward to a custom domain. This project is open source and it offers a lot of neat features for fr
  4. Incremental Product Updates
    Hello Producters, Hope you are all having a great week! Last couple of months we have been focusing on implementing the features that are requested by
  5. React Chat App: How to Make a Chat Using Socket.io
    How to Create Your Own React Chat App step by step? This guide will show examples of well-made React applications and what you need to know about Reac
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