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New Milestone
  1. We have reached $250 MRR 🥳
    Second week out of lifetime deal offer and today we have reached $250 MRR with 10 recurring customers. 6% weekly MRR growth after 3 new customers and
  2. First paying customer
    I prioritized payment processing during development and basically have only enough code to allow people to pay (can still use the app if payment is ca
  3. Reached 14.000€ in revenue
    I partnered with an online community: SinOficina to make a lifetime deal for their users. The feedback was amazing and we sold over 40 lifetime subscr
  4. ¡I've sold Nocodehackers!
    At the start of the year, I joined minimum.run as a product maker. Soon we discover that there was a perfect match between the two companies and it wa
  5. Printalytics is Open for Business
    Late Friday night, I pushed a final round of tweaks and bug fixes before unceremoniously opening up new account registration to the public. Printalyti
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