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New Milestone
  1. Reached $2K MRR
    Instatus just reached $2K MRR 🚀 It's an exciting checkpoint to reach, but my goal is to reach $5K MRR by the end of 2021. Here's how I plan to do it:
  2. Karma's changelog
    We've been keeping change logs for more than 4 years now. 14 June 2020 - 'Manually' option to the scheduler for Feedback and Connect settings section
  3. First "Stranger" Order on Our Shopify
    Almost all our orders come from Amazon, and a few from friends through our site. Today an order came through the Shopify site from someone that we did
  4. Halfway Through 2021 - Are You On Track??
    Well... not quite halfway yet I suppose, but close enough to check-in: I've been on a road trip — I drove to Colorado and have been working here and c
  5. Accepted into Slack App Directory
    After a couple weeks of waiting and some back and fourth with Slack, StandupWizard was officially accepted into the Slack App Directory! The process w
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