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New Milestone
  1. Monday.com App Approved 👍
    Monday launched their own marketplace and I thought it's a good place to submit an app and get some users. The review process was a little long. It to
  2. Product Demo 🎉
    George and I have been working hard behind the scenes on PriceWell.io. We defined the MVP back in late November 2020 but the functionality required fo
  3. What's enough validation?
    An audience to launch to is makes you: a) iteration cycle shorter b) odds that you'll succeed higher Despite wanting what I'm building myself I figure
  4. $10k MRR
    Not much more to report here - just time and patience. Continuing to provide good customer support and letting the word spread. Operating as a side bu
  5. Dev Resources featured on Indie Drops newsletter
    The issue #0008 of the Indie Drops newsletter features Dev Resources. Indie Drops reached 1000 newsletter subscribers, and for celebrating the milesto
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