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New Milestone
  1. Open Beta Launch
    After one month in closed beta, I opened Bkmark to the public. Why Today? The closed beta lasted one month and I was pretty happy with the results of
  2. 50 subscribers
    Now I,am at 50 subscribers, I think my pop-up thing is working. I want to have double the number in my next update. The good thing is no one has unsub
  3. First week
    This week we've started working on Splitstack. What we've accomplished so far: ✅ Created the "Ship" page on PH and sponsored it --> https://www.produc
  4. Lunatask 0.3 brings a Habit Tracker 🙌
    I'm super excited about this one. We all use personal productivity apps for the same things in life. Tasks, habits, events, all of them are just thing
  5. We launched Octo - Jira Component Management app
    Octo is for managers who are looking for a way to bring structure to their organisation in Jira. Octo brings a cleaner and more efficient way to manag
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