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New Milestone
  1. First ever post on my new job board 🕺
    Today Part Time Tech Jobs got its first ever organic post! Here it is: https://pallet.xyz/list/part-time-tech-jobs/jobs/fd9542b0-01b1-47f6-af10-61df58
  2. We surpassed 10K signups and 2K subscriptions.
    The project is more than a year old, but I haven't been active in the community. As we prepare for growth, I thought it would be nice to update the co
  3. New WebDataRocks Pivot Table 1.4 version
    Core release features: 🌟New wrappers for Angular, React & Vue integrations:​ a comfy way to integrate pivot table using npm; 🌟New ready-to-use grid
  4. Started building in public
    Started building in public last week following the advice of the greats. I've setup OBS and started making little videos of my progress as I build. It
  5. Web app feedback form
    As of a couple of days ago, feature.cat also supports integration with web apps. Simply add the JS SDK and a couple lines of code to your app and you'
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