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New Milestone
  1. Reached 2,000 users on Thundercontent
    Just reached 2,000 users on Thundercontent. The tool to write better articles (on any topic and in any language) with AI-assistant. Here is some data
  2. 50 Signups! — Payments in browser extensions
    Crossed the 50 signup mark! ➡️ For those who aren't following along, ExtensionPay lets browser extension developers take payments in their extensions
  3. Beta Release
    After roughly one month working on it, today we released the beta version of Tentang. We still have some features on our backlog that we'd like to rel
  4. LAUNCHED Gravity 7.0 SaaS Boilerplate Beta
    Hot off the tail of the 300 customers milestone, today I'm super-excited to announce the Gravity 7.0 beta. 🚪 Login with Facebook, Twitter+ As per pop
  5. DocExtractor
    We released the DocExtractor module in DocsCloud. DocExtractor allows users to extract data (OCR) from documents and images effortlessly. Users can pl
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