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I’m often asked by fellow SaaS founders which tools we use at MailTag.

So, without further delay, here’s a compiled list of our top 11 must-have tools for SaaS founders.


Category: Revenue analytics software. 💵

Why it’s awesome: At the end of the day, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. Baremetrics is an incredible revenue analytics platform which ties into your Stripe account, providing you with at-a-glance metrics that are worth studying (churn, recurring revenue growth, etc.).


Category: Video player software. 📸

Why it’s awesome: When visitors to come to your website for the first time, you only have one shot to make a great first impression. Wistia provides a beautiful UI for displaying videos (it’s a much better option than embedding an ugly YouTube video).


Category: Retargeting software. 🚀

Why it’s awesome: In case you were unaware, Medium doesn’t allow you to embed a Facebook retargeting pixel within your articles. PixelMe to the rescue! PixelMe is a link shortener that allows you to embed your Facebook retargeting pixel into your links.

KW Finder.

Category: SEO software. 🔎

Why it’s awesome: KW Finder is a must-have SEO tool. It helps you uncover keywords that are receiving high search traffic but have very little competition in the search results.


Category: SEO software. 🔎

Why it’s awesome: Ahrefs is another must-have SEO tool. We like it for spying on competitors because of their reverse-lookup functionality (allowing you to see which keywords and websites are driving the most traffic to your competitors).


Category: Content marketing software. 📝

Why it’s awesome: Upscribe provides embeddable opt-in forms for Medium. If you’re looking for an awesome tool to help grow your email list, look no further.


Category: Chrome extension software. 🖥️

Why it’s awesome: Every content marketer understands the importance of double-checking their spelling and grammar before clicking “publish”. If you’re serious about content marketing for your SaaS business, you should consider using Grammarly to proof-read your work.


Category: Design management software. 🎨

Why it’s awesome: Invision is a project management platform built specifically for UI/UX teams. No more digging through desktop folders for files — Invision helps keep all of your design prototypes and notes in one convenient place.


Category: Project management software. 🔧

Why it’s awesome: Trello provides teams with a collaborative dashboard for task management. You can post comments in segmented “boards” (i.e: Create one board for “design tasks”, one for “programming tasks”, etc.) which your team can access and edit.


Category: Live-chat software. 💬

Why it’s awesome: Perhaps the quickest way to increase your sales is to make yourself easily accessible to prospective customers. Try adding live-chat software to your pricing page and see the results for yourself. (We also like Intercom because of their mobile app, allowing you to answer live-chat messages on the go).


Category: Social media management software. 🐦

Why it’s awesome: Every SaaS business needs a social presence. Buffer provides a simple dashboard that allows you to easily schedule content (no more logging into your social media profiles every day to publish new posts!).


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