I’ve been super active on Product Hunt for years and discovered it very deeply. I want to share my experience and lessons learned after making 10 products on Product Hunt and winning the 2nd place on Golden Kitty Awards.

About Product Hunt in 3 mins

Product Hunt was founded a long time ago by Rayan Hoover. Initially, Product Hunt was nothing but a newsletter helping to discover cool tech products. Moments later, Product Hunt transformed into a Reddit style board, gained a lot of attention and love. Then it was sold to AngelList for $20M in 2016.

Product Hunt years ago.

Three things ProductHunt is loved so much for:


Product Hunt is an open-minded community of tech entrepreneurs, developers, and designers. People here love talking about the latest trends, bring new ideas, create new connections and ask difficult questions. It’s an incredible place where founders have a chance to get valuable feedback on their product. One can talk to his audience directly.

Product 💖

Product Hunt is perfect. The developers pay so much attention to every single detail. The email newsletter is simply the best, the community managers are always helpful and friendly. An outstanding example of what a modern community should look like!


Product Hunt literally has all the startups, tools, products, software, apps, SaaS ever created. Whenever you want to know more about a product or the team, find similar tools for your business or simply discuss tech stuff, you know where to go. Product Hunt today is a part of the startup culture. It’s a phenomenon you would better to care about.

Rayan Hoover - founder of Product Hunt

Why should I care?

The main power of Product Hunt is its audience. There are thousands of active freelancers, startupers, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and marketers like you who are constantly looking for new opportunities, apps or ways to improve their processes. They love to share the world about nice apps they have found on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt aggregates all those people and gives everyone a chance to showcase his/her product. You will have a chance to:

  • get hundreds of signups and purchases
  • get real valuable feedback
  • get early adopters
  • find new workers, partners, and investors
  • get press mentions
  • become viral (Product Hunt is a perfect place to spark a huge fire)

All free of charge.

If you ever were on a summit like Web Summit or Slush, you know how important preparation is: business cards, merchandise, networking, the team ready, perfectly working stand, sharpened website, and the most important: a polished product you are totally proud of 👌

Publishing on Product Hunt is no less important than pitching on Slush. Here are the 19 lessons I’ve learned for the last years of being a very active Product Hunter (10 products made, 2nd place Golden Kitty Awards, #1 of the day, #5 of the month).

19 lessons for a young Hunter 

Here are the most valuable hints to launch a successful Product Hunt campaign Read those below to get maximum out of your release 🚀

  • Ask someone to hunt you. There are some advantages of asking someone experienced to hunt your product: a good hunter will help you with promo materials and scheduling. Besides, the earliest adopters of PH have a magic ability to post a product directly to the main page. It’s a huge boost because your publications will go to the /newest where it will need to get ~20 upvotes before appearing on the front page. You may want to consider to ask some of these nice folks to hunt you. But before pitching to hunter do your homework: research his previous hunts and make sure his interests fit your product. FYI: a hunter’s followers count is much less valuable than in 2016 when every follower received a personal email with the notification of the new hunt.
  • Be careful when planning a Product Hunt release on Monday and Tuesday. You will meet strong competitors on those busy days and have a risk of being unnoticed.
  • Another great thing is that Hunters will tell you why your product sucks. Be grateful and thankful for the valuable feedback they give. Work with the audience: comment back to each reply and follow them all. Do not hesitate to send a nice personalized ‘thank you~’ message on Twitter too,
  • Product Hunt can bring you true fans. Those ones who love your product the most should be treated in a special way: send them a private invitation to beta features or offer to become a part of the early testing team, ask them about what they want to see in the product etc.
  • Be ready that you may be unexpectedly hunted by someone else (I’ve already written about this). If that happened and you are not ready for the launch, ask the staff via Intercom to delist you.
  • Make Product Hunters feel special. Add a welcoming kitty banner on your front page (perfect example). Tweet ‘thank for the Upvote!” to each supporter, follow your fans. Offer an exclusive discount.
  • Use Ship to aggregate Product Hunters long before the release day. Warmed up well, those folks will Upvote your product on the launch day.

The Product Hunt community managers are the sweetest creatures in the world!

  • Use Intercom if in a trouble. The Product Hunt community managers are the sweetest creatures in the world!
  • Attach a blog post to your PH page. If you are cool enough and have press mentions and/or interviews – add them all!
  • Make a photo that shows you and/or team are happy to be on Product Hunt. It will increase engagement and love of the community (example).
  • Product Hunt doesn’t like when you directly ask to upvote your product because it makes the ranking unfair. Respect the rules and ask ‘to support you’ – even in private channels like an email newsletter. If your audience truly loves the product, they will upvote it.
  • You can post the product again and get another dose of attention (example). Please do not abuse this! Repost only if you made a significant update or pivoted.
  • Prepare your intro comment. Make it honest, exciting and explaining.
  • Pay attention to with the ones who upvoted your product. You can get a list of all who upvoted your product with this handy tool (get a dev token here).

There are also some tips for the ones who want glory. Follow this to become a Product Hunt superhero 😎

  • Post new products of big companies and get a lot of attention to your person & gain new followers (example 1, example 2).
  • Feel free to challenge other members of the community by asking difficult questions.
  • We love emoji. Use it in a tagline, in comments, in titles.
  • Directories. Product Hunt loves directories of useful tools. Create a product which is a list of startup, design, developer, marketing resources and the crowd will loudly applaud you. Read my article about marketing with directories.
  • Create a fun and useful collection and promote it.

Have fun! People like when you are in a party mood. Stay open and positive and you will engage more attention.

“Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone”.

Bonus advise

The last and the most important hint: be authentic 💫

Keep expressing your authentic, genuine passion for what you do: in comments, hunts, tweets and any other actions. Authentic players attract much more attention and supporters. It makes people want to listen to you and use things you say them use.



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