Hello IndieHackers!

I am a 23 yo solo maker from Greece, the country of deep economic crisis.

Just like many others here, I am chasing my dream of becoming an indie maker and possibly make a living out of it.

I wrote about how I got to this conclusion on another of my posts here on IndieHackers where I got nothing but love: https://www.indiehackers.com/forum/after-attending-a-3-month-startup-accelerator-program-i-realized-i-just-want-to-be-an-indie-hacker-00d874f514?commentId=-LBxpnPstSLd8UmR8qOB

I have been working hard on this dream for about 6 months now with no great results to show myself.

As a result I found myself unmotivated to continue. I caught myself procrastinating. No projects for nearly two months. I flipped out, pulled my socks up, built and launched GitHub Gardener in a single week to get my momentum back! It is a silly idea, but the process of going from idea to launch is very helpful to me.

I really had to battle my perfectionism on this one, but I am proud of the result for the time I put it. You can see the whole story from idea conception to launch on a single twitter thread here: https://twitter.com/alexsideris_/status/993523095708332032


The cliches are true I guess after all. It’s crazy! The faster and scrappier I go, the better the results. So weird… I guess this will be the way I will continue from now on.

At the time of writing this article, I am no3 on ProductHunt, with 17 points. It is the best I have ever done so far! <3

I hope it inspires someone else that is launching too slow like I was. Just do it, don’t strive for perfection, that way you will have low expectations also. It’s a win-win situation.

That is something I am trying to cultivate, not trying to be perfect. I am even doing it writing this article, I know it sucks! Haha

Guys I am telling you, the cliches are real!

You can see the product here: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/github-gardener


Yes, this is the dragon I slayed. I'm a mean man..

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