As pure bootstrappers, my 2 co-founders (Vianney & François) and I decided to launch a side project in December.

After our team retreat, we decided that December was a good time to launch another project while keeping growing lemlist and Talkus.

The goal 

We wanted to create a project that was solving a real pain internally and that didn't exist (at least to our knowledge). Why? Because if it doesn't work, at least it is useful for us. The objective was simple, be able to code fast - ship it and test the market without any marketing spendings.

The pain 

For everyone in B2B here, we know that LinkedIn is THE social network to find your target audience.

Since LinkedIn is heavily competing with Facebook regarding advertising and content, they need to reward as much as possible their users (us), which is why a lot of people focus on producing content directly on LinkedIn. 

In essence, you can "easily" reach 10s of thousands of people with your post on LinkedIn without spending any money. However, to get such reach, a lot of persons have started creating engagement PODs

The goal is pretty simple. You create a group of persons who are creating good content. Once they post something, they also post the link to their post into a chat group where everyone will like and comment on the post

By doing so, people help each other out to create a little engagement boost for each post which ultimately leads to a bigger reach. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time and energy to do it manually for each post and often people lack consistency in those groups. Thanks to lempod, you can do that automatically now!

The product 

For those who don't Vianney & François (my 2 co-founders) let's say that they are a hybrid between a robot and a human. I've been working with a lot of different programmers and agencies but those 2 brothers are really waaaaay better than anyone I've met and worked with 😍
The advantage of that is - when they code - everything goes suuuuper quickly 🚀

Monday evening, after 6 hours of hardcore programming, we had an MVP deployed & live. The Chrome extension was live and we were able to create PODs, join them, post links, auto like and auto comment. In essence, all the main features were there. 

Tuesday evening, After the MVP, it was time to design the app, create the onboarding and also make the interface extremely easy to use and straightforward. 

Wednesday, Now that the app was almost ready to go live, we simply needed to gather more data on how to track the performance of each post.  We also decided to switch to pink... Because pink is beautiful 😍😂

Thursday, we started onboarding the first users around 2 pm. The goal was to spend time on fixing some small glitches and see if everything was working fine for those first users.

Friday evening, thanks to the first user's feedback, Vianney & François decided to become robots again and lempod V2 was launched with the options to disable auto comments, be able to provide your own comments when you post and also kick/ban members of a pod when you're the admin.

The launch 

As I mentioned, this was a real pain for us because every time I'm posting on LinkedIn, I put the link to my post into our Slack and Vianney & François support it with a like and comment. 

To quote them "if we have to do the same thing more than 3 times, then we must automate it" - well you got it, that's exactly what they did! 

What I realized is that a lot of my friends were having the same issue and as soon as I mentioned lempod, things went "viral". 

In 24 hours we had already more than 50 users and a looooot of feedback. After sharing those feedback with my co-founders they started the "machine mode" and delivered a V2 of lempod including all the updates in less than 24 hours.

Less than 1 week after the first line of code we had 100+ users on lempod...

And also 16 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews on the Chrome store 😍

Because I think this project is really about helping each other getting more visibility using our respective network, I've created an Indie Hacker Pod where we will help each other.

To join it, simply install the Chrome extension on and type the secret code 7257.

Feel free to ask your questions if you have any ❤️