Many people use Instagram bots to automate their tasks. Even though using a bot seems to be easy, having some basic knowledge of them is necessary if you want to get all the benefits. This post aims to help you get the most out of Instavast or any other automation tool that you use! Keep reading if you need to have a safe Instagram bot promoting your account.

Do not use multiple automation tools at the same time

Using more than one automation service may result in dangerous consequences such as temporary or even permanent ban on Instagram. Take this advice seriously, as auto-liking or auto-following by different sources seem suspicious to Instagram and they will take an action against your account.
Also, while using Instavast or any other automation tool, you’d better avoid doing activities that are automated by your bot. It means if your bot is auto-liking posts on your behalf, you need to avoid liking manually on your smartphone. However, if your posting activity is not automated, you can safely upload and share content via your phone.

Be patient, especially at the beginning

When you pay for an Instagram growth service, you want to see fast results! But let’s make it clear: Instavast’s mission is to get you real followers. This means there is no cheat or fake followers that can top up your followers’ number immediately. Using our targeting and filtering features, you are selecting the exact audience that you make sense for your account. So be patient to be accepted by your targeted audience.
Real people are not always on their smartphone, true followers will follow you if they really appreciate your content. Therefore, if you publish high-quality content, with hashtags, locations, and correct targets, and if you follow a content strategy, our safe Instagram bot will increase and improve your results.

Pay so much attention to your targets

Instavast is simply a bot which needs to be manipulated correctly. The main manipulation takes place by choosing your targets. For the best results, you need to know who your target audience is and find suitable targets for your IG bot. However, finding good targets may not be an easy task, answering the following questions will help you in this process:

  • Who do you want to be your follower? (Businessmen, fashion enthusiasts, beauty queens, entrepreneurs or …)
  • Who would like your content? (If you are a business mentor, it is possible that other entrepreneurs love your stuff)
  • Who are your competitors? (If you are a yoga enthusiast, choose the most famous yoga trainers on Instagram)
  • Where are you? If you run a local business in the US, it makes no sense to target people in other parts of the world. But it makes perfect sense to hit people in your city!
  • What hashtags are popular in your niche? (If you are a brand, look for the hashtags used by your competitors)

Once you have set up some targets, you need to keep an eye on the conversion rate of each target. Have an audit every couple of days and delete the targets with poor conversion rate and replace them with fresh targets. Keep this process on to constantly improve your growth rate.

Maintain a clean followers to following ratio

Instagram has a limit of 7,500 for following, but it’s highly recommended not to use all this potential. To make your bot’s activity look more natural, it’s a good idea to adjust your following number in accordance with the number of your followers. For example, if you have 4000 followers, the following threshold of 2000 seems to be fine. So the Unfollow program starts as soon as you reach 2000 Followings. However, if your account is large enough you may use a bigger number for the following threshold to let the bot work more aggressively.

Do not increase rate limits recklessly

We have developed our software with the goal of promoting accounts as fast as possible. However, this should be done safely. One of the most important parameters is the number of actions. On our service you can select your activity speed; we recommend using it on slow or normal. You can set the fast speed if you have a large account and you have been using automation on it for some months.
About rate limits, default numbers are the maximum possible limits for most of the accounts, so we highly recommend not to increase limits unless you are sure about what you are doing. Because a high number of auto actions seems sweet but only in the short term. As Instagram may issue an action block for your account, and this is not the way to employ a safe Instagram bot.

Create neutral, creative and fun comments using Spintax format

Instagram is full of automatic comments. People are annoyed or ignore them. To get started, we’ve set up a neutral comment pool for you. However, we strongly recommend that you use some authentic comments that actually fit your target audience. If you’re creative and fun, without risking a wrong word in a funeral post, your engagement rate can increase and more people will follow you because of their interaction with you. We always recommend adding some neutral comments in your settings if you use the automatic comment action.

You should write convincing direct messages that create involvement

The automated DM service could be a gold mine if used correctly. We advise you not to go directly to the hard sale in your direct messages. Instagram gets suspicions that these messages are spam. Sending a welcome message to new followers could be a good idea, so just introduce your services or products as soft sales.
Auto direct messages need to be written using spintax format. If you don’t use this format correctly, you will have a unique message, thus Instagram will get suspicious because of sending the same message repeatedly and may ban your direct messaging.
You need to vary your message using Spintax format so that the bot generates different messages each time and Instagram doesn’t block you.
Message supports the spin-tax format. For example:
‘Nice {photo|picture}’.
This message will be converted generates the following comments:

  1. Nice photo
  2. Nice picture


  1. Message: Thank you for following me! We do appreciate it and your comments
  2. The same message using Spintax: {Thank you|Thanks|merci} for following {us|our Instagram| our page|our account}. We {really|do|} appreciate it and your {comments|feedback|opinions}

Also, use different emojis in your message and set them in spintax { | } so the bot posts each of them every time.

You should focus more on creating high-quality content.

Now that you’ve automated your Instagram tasks using a bot, you have more time to dedicate to your posts. Use that free time to create better photos, tell better stories and spend more time on your Instagram account. Imagine, grow over 100K followers on Instagram, and your profile and content do not look like a profile with 100k! An Instagram automation bot is a very powerful social media tool. But with power, responsibility comes!
To learn more about our service capabilities, take a look at Instavast’s Guide Page. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to shoot us a message in our Support Center; We are always here to help.
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