Hi Indie Hackers!

I've just launched my first bootstrapped product - PageMagic - which allows you to edit your website's content from the browser.

I've felt the pain of building websites for people/companies, where they often want content to be changed, which can be frustrating in a few scenarios:

  • For smaller projects (static websites) this means deploying new code to do simple content changes.
  • For larger projects this can mean building out a custom CMS system which takes a lot of developer hours and needs maintenance over time too (or worse yet, using something like Wordpress).
  • I've also seen on larger startup and corporate companies certain non-technical teams like marketing getting frustrated having to wait for an engineering team to update their content.

So I built PageMagic, to try and solve these problems. I wanted it to be super simple, and by adding some basic markup to the HTML of the page it becomes editable. I've got 2 paying customers so far, who have been helping me build the initial MVP.

I'll be writing a longer Indie Hacker's post about it in the coming days but I wanted to share it now since my goal was to launch this weekend! :)

I'd love to hear feedback on the product, the customer segments and anything else.


p.s. Here's a quick demo video of PageMagic in action:

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