Zoho and Salesforce have had a very long-standing rivalry. But unlike the other rivalries, this one is pretty interesting. Let us see how by comparing the two popular CRM benefits in terms of their functionality available for the small business enterprises.


Zoho CRM is the name of an on-demand, SaaS-based client relationship administration (CRM) programming arrangement intended to oversee deals, advertising, contacts, client support, and several other business capacities. Essentially, this implies that it is a distinctive software with various capabilities, enabling entrepreneurs to pick the highlights that meet their particular business needs while controlling the general expense of the CRM package.


Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM facility that helps you create several apps in a jiffy. The best part about Salesforce is that you need not to know any coding whatsoever. Salesforce currently gives different programming arrangements and a stage for clients and engineers to create and disperse custom programming software that has been specially created for your business use.

Salesforce Properties

1. Edition- Salesforce has got four editions

2. Contact Management - You can store the customer details for each account separately and access the details where you left the last.

3. Reporting Features - Salesforce has built-in Dashboards and reports generation tools.

4. Mobile Supportive - Salesforce can be hosted on any device

5. Integration - Supports various plug-ins

Zoho Properties

1. Edition- Zoho has got three editions

2. Contact Management - Zoho import wizard enables you to quickly integrate with third-party business apps as needed.

3. Reporting Features - Zoho comprise of an opportunity tracking features under the Dashboard Menu that enables you to see sales activities, opportunities, lead sources, competitor details etc.

4. Mobile Supportive - Zoho can also be hosted on any device.

5. Integration - Zoho also supports a fair number of third-party plug-ins.

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