Current vs Improved version

In this article, I will be showing the problems Laravel Factory's website has that are not enabling it so justify the price properly since this is saving a few hours of work from open source tools that customer can do it themselves (and have been doing it themselves until now).

What’s Laravel Factory?

Laravel Factory (founded by Gaurav) is a tool that enables you to setup Laravel apps in much less time and with a super easy process, saving around 15-20 hours per setup.

The process

This will be specific to Laravel Factory, if you want to learn my 5 step process to turn visitors into customers that you can apply to your website, here’s my 100% free email course.

Things to keep in mind

  • This product is mainly targeting agencies or freenlancers that have to do this type of work several times a mounth and it's keeping them away from using their time better.
  • This had several signups before and there is interest in the subject since it's getting a good amount of traffic through his articles but doesn't have customers yet.

Every problem is different I will do my best to make it actionable to as many people as possible. If you want something that could apply to every website, checkout my 5 step email course (it’s 100% free btw).

The key to justifying the price of your product/service

This actually a very simple but not easy thing to do. To justify the price of your product/service is to compare it with the things they are getting in return (given that is an utilitarian and not an purely emotional choice).

The key is to constantly remind them what you are offering them for that price. It could be any of these (ideally a combination):

  • Save more time
  • Save more time and getting a better use out of it
  • Stress free use
  • Get a great quality or quantity of X thing for that price
  • Comparing it to a solution for a competitor
  • Comparing it for the price/time of them doing it themselves or hiring someone else

In the rest of the article I will show you how Laravel Factory could do this too, enjoy!

Problems and their solution (current vs suggested version)

The Header

This is the first impression your company will have on a potential customer and in a world of super low attention spans, you really need to introduce the “big picture” of the problem you will be solving, a small paragraph describing what the solution could be and hopefully an image to show what the solution might look like.

Current version
  • The Headline is not explaining what the product offers so it's a wasted opportunity to grab people's attention. Not managing expectations here is one of the biggest causes for high bounce rates.
  • I wouldn't recommend the use of stock photos as a background as it can be distracting and take away the readability of this section. In this case, it's not providing any context about the product either.
  • The paragraph below the headline is good but it could be a bit more specific and use that same language for the headline to achieve the best result possible.

 Suggested version
  • In this case, I tried to explain what the problem is while explaining what the product does at the same time. If the length of title can be about the same size as this one using the "Tired of X problem?" can be an easy way to do this.
  • The title is bigger and removes any distractions from understanding the product which makes it easy to understand the explanation further down in the page.
  • I added a statistic to show how much time it could save just as a form of social proof that could be used even without having testimonials yet.

Introduce the problem!

This is super important, it’s makes understanding the problem you are solving much easier (as a result the solution is easier to understand too) but also to remind them of how painful that problem could be and how much they would want to fix it (hopefully they see your product/service as the solution).

It’s very rare to see Landing pages that describe properly what problem they are solving before they explain how they can fix it.

No wonder potential customers quickly come up with objections like “I don’t understand how it works” or “I don’t know if it can fix our problems” … This is such an easy way to avoid those!

The current website doesn't introduce the problem it is solving but you can find a suggestion of what that could look like in it's simplest form.

Suggested version
  • Notice how this only focuses on pain points the potential customer already experiences and quantifies how much it could save helping to make the visitor see this product as the solution for their problem as they read more and more.

Explaining how it works

After introducing the problem you can fix, it’s time to show exactly how you would fix it and what are the benefits of fixing that problem by using your product/service in particular.

Current version
  • Using a horizontal layout is rarely a good option for a section so important as this one as you are scrolling vertically which makes reading this unnatural and super easy to miss or ignore.
  • The website actually has a great video to explain this but it's not alongside this explanation, instead, it's below it.
Current version
  • Great video here showcasing how you can add the things you need to setup the app and really shows how fast it can be.
  • Below you can find a suggestion merging this two things from the current website.

Suggested version

  • This is a much more natural way to read and follow along with the steps. This layout also enables you to have a bit more text below those titles to explain this better.
  • Notice how the written explanation is now next to the video so people understand that the video is explaining the same thing.
  • That button to play the video also helps it showcase what the video is about and really how fast the setup could be.

Showing the integrations available 

Adding examples and/or statistics to a section to help support how good your solution is, could be another great simple tweak to keep adding unconventional ways of social proof to your website.

In these examples, I made sure people knew that the product could integrate with the tools they use the most and therefore reinsure this could be a good and established solution for their problems.

Current version

  • No major issues here besides the title not being super clear about what this section is about.
  • The other problem is that this sections was near the end of the page and not associated with how it works. If people understood how it works they might get some objections about what things it can work with and having this section right below would help answer those as soon as possible.
  • Using the title to explain the major things it can installed so people can read through this list more easily.
  • In the current version, the CTA to request another tool is way too similar to the other lists which doesn't make sense since it's explaining different things. In this case is much more visible so at least people see the ones responsible for the service care about getting suggestions and improving the product.


Current version (not on the Landing page
  • Currently this is not on the Landing page and since the price + commitment is farely low we could keep it in the Landing page instead. 
  • It doesn't make sense to have the free trial as a plan because since that's not really a plan it's just an expiremental version of the real plans so I removed that from my suggested version.
  • Missing yearly with monthly plans doesn't make it easy to compare and see how much money people can save between them.

Suggested version
  • Noticed how I changed the names of the plans so it's very clear this is the same plan with different billing options.
  • To help people decide what's best for them I added "Ideal for freelancers/agencies" instead.
  • I added this to the Landing page as it could almost be a "selling point" as with $15 you can setup as many apps as you want where each setup could take you 15-20 hours and I took the time to make the visitors very aware of that.

Final CTA

After going through all this effort to explain how good your product/service is some people will be ready to convert, give them an easy way to do so before you lose the chance the grab them making that potential customer click away, never coming back…

Current version
  • Since this is the last chance to grab people it's a waisted oppurtunity to not have another CTA and increase the likelyhood if people signing up.
Suggested version
  • Noticed that I tried to make the decision of trying it out as easy as possible while trying to explain they really don't have anything to lose.
  • After this it would make sense to have a few posts from the blog just to see if we could capture the lead a bit later in case they are harder to convert.


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