I can't get this idea out of my head. So hopefully I can share it here and it will grow or die quickly:)


I think most of us agree that climate change is real and that there are multiple factors like fossil fuel, bio industry, deforestation that contribute to it.

I realised that one major factor is deforestation. We need more 'carbon sinks' to store the CO2, but instead we loose forest at an acceleration speed.

China, Iran and countries in Africa are investing in planting trees and regrow forrest.

So imagine you can give a tree to a friend as a birthday present or a company can plant trees to compensate their CO2 emissions. 

Those trees will be planted in a deforestation project

An unique RFID chip will be attached to the sapling (baby tree). 

The tree history will be stored in a blockchain. I don't know if it is also possible to create a coin that is backed by a unique tree.

A full grown tree is worth several hundred dollars.

So your coin will become more valuable the longer you keep it.

A drone with a RFID reader can monitore the state of the trees and store the data in the blockchain.

This way you know where your trees are growing. And you can even make money by selling your tree-backed-coin to the highest bidder through a coin marketplace (no idea if this is even possible :).

This coin is backed by a natural resource. Like the dollar was backed by gold till 1971.

Is this idea of a tree-backed blockchain coin feasible?