I am a woman entrepreneur. I was tired of giving thoughtless gifts that took up too much time and did not add value to the gift recipients. Being a person who wants this world to exist for my children and grand children and great grand children, I felt that it was important to create something that helps local communities. GiftVolo was created as a result.

GiftVolo is an online marketplace for busy professionals to send thoughtful, curated, everyday services to loved ones, from local merchants in 3 clicks.

For instance, you can send wine tasting to a BFF, carpet cleaning or maid service to your mom, salon/spa treatment to your significant other or art/dance class to a niece. You can do this from a desktop or via our iPhone App.

Simply search for local service providers and niche products in gift recipient's area and in 3 clicks send them the gift. You can personalize the gift with a message, image, video or audio. The gift is online so no shipping or packaging making it sustainable and eco-friendly.

The key differentiator is that if the gift recipient does not use despite multiple reminders then we expire the gift voucher and give the money back as GiftVolo credit to you the gift sender (minus nominal processing fees) so that you can use it to buy something else for self or others. We are also here to be your concierge and help set up an appointment for you with any of the GiftVolo local providers at zero cost.

We also have niche products from local merchants - take a look at the French macarons and messy kits we have on our site.

www.giftvolo.com iPhone app GiftVolo www.facebook.com/giftvolo

Give us awhirl. We have local merchants in Bay Area, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; Anaheim, CA; Sacramento, CA.