Founder of Showuply. Also of note, I live in my Subaru Forester and sleep in really cool places.

I've been launching things for years. Every launch - with the exception of one site that I sold for $75k - has failed. Not because of a lack of talent, but because my head hasn't been in the right place. I kept coming up with ideas that I thought could make money, starting on them an hour later, and then realizing a month later that that's not what I wanted to be doing.

After getting divorced a few months ago I decided to put the computer away for a while, stop scheming, and just go be with myself. Naturally, that's when I accepted who I was and came up with an idea that was true to me. An idea that stemmed from how I wanted to spend my days, not from how I could make money.

Now, sort of ironically, for the first time in my life I've launched something that I'm not embarrassed to sell. The problem is... I don't know how to sell. That's why I came to IH. To learn.

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