May 4, 2017

#012 – Tyler Tringas of Storemapper

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    I really feel inspired by Tyler because he's sort of unashamedly doing some things objectively "wrong". I mean that in the most respectful and positive way possible! :)

    Also, he's mentioned before that storemapper isn't something he was uber passionate about, but there was a demand and he filled it, and makes good money doing it. I like that.

    It gives me hope for some of the more boring ideas I have, and also pushes me forward because Tyler isn't perfect, but is a success regardless.

    Making my way through his email course at the moment, lot of good info in there.

    Thanks Tyler.

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      Yeah it reminds me of what MJ Demarco says in the Millionaire Fastlane, not to build around or upon your passion but to listen to the market and use your passion (family,desired lifestyle etc) as fuel.

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    Tyler great interview. I remember emailing you a number of years back to see how the magic worked and you pointed me to this 3rd party js book. Thanks again for that.

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    Thanks a lot guys! Love that advice to go through other business's and try and have the ability to look around or even see around corners.

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    Hey, you linked to the wrong twitter account on Tyler.

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