May 17, 2017

#014 – Brennan Dunn of

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    Brennan, great interview! I had a question about niching down content. You mentioned during the podcast that you niche down the content between say the regular email course and the premium course. Some of information the customer has given you, but do you have to manually tune the content for their specific case each time, or how does it work?

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      Hey Ty, nope so it's really just a bunch of switch cases :-) If someone tells me they're a developer (via a select field on opt-in), I'll tailor individual bits of copy or entire sections (like when I get into an example), each of which is tailored to the business_type supplied by the subscriber.

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        Brennan, thanks for the reply. I am hoping to do something like this for the onboarding of my side project.

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    Loved the episode :) Hope does great.

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    Courtland, the player is throwing a 404 because there's a redundant period on the requested file's extension. So "file..mp3" instead of "file.mp3".

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      Looking into it!