May 31, 2017

#016 – Mike Perham of Sidekiq

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    The feel of this talk is super smooth! Mike has such a clear overview of the whole process he went through, it literally raises consciuosness to piggy-back along by listening to his journey! Courtlands experiences and insights give an extra momentum, building up the flow of the talk along the way!

    Appreciate all that both of you put into this, keep up the greatness and thanks for sharing!

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    Very interesting interview, thanks to both of you for it.

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    Great interview. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and feel like there are a lot of great takeawayw. Thanks

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    Fantastic story and congratulations to Mike. You've made a great success of this despite 'common knowledge' that its hard to sell to developers and hard to make money with open source software. Shame you didn't get around to talking about why Inspeqtor didn't work, that has really piqued my interest!

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    great interview! Thanks!