December 3, 2018

10 Perfect Google Alerts Alternatives for Your Business

How to always stay on top of what's going with your brand, your industry, and your audience? Here are 10 amazing tools which will help you!

Check them out!

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    Saved you a click:

    • Awario

    • Sprout Social

    • Agorapulse

    • Mention

    • Social Mention

    • Talkwalker

    • Brandwatch

    • Keyhole

    • Digimind

    • Tweetdeck

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      It's only a click save if you like to the good ones ;-)

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    I've being using Mention for couple of years and it works pretty well.

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    Thanks for this list, I would also add: to get notified on Slack or HipChat when your company is mentioned on various social media services!

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      that's a cool tool!