December 5, 2017

1st startup month - Getting my first 100 email subscribers

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    Someone tried to get me to subscribe to their email list via FB messenger - I didn't even realize what was going on. And I hated it.

    I find that I feel that my FB messenger is sacred grounds for crazy emoji's and texting my friends/fam.

    Odd, I think of it this way.

    But I think your way is the way that the market is moving towards.

    You're on your grind man, so good luck. Looks like you're making a lot of progress! Cheers!

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    Great product Idea! Indeed some businesses updates better fit messenger format and I sure that you will get more traffic when you share some case studies of your customers, it would be super interesting to read!

    Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks! I'll certainly share the case studies on IH once their ready