January 11, 2019

7 days later: results from the launch of my startup marketing Trello board (wow @ LinkedIn)

Hi guys

I recently created and shared my startup marketing Trello board - 100 actionable, tried and tested ideas for your first 100 customers. Here's what happened


  • I promoted it across IH, HN, Facebook groups, LinkedIn and Slack



  • This was my best performing Facebook post


  • This post delivered 71 likes, and 22 comments


  • This was my IH post


  • It delivered 514 views and 213 clicks (great CTR!)

  • It was featured in the IH email blast


  • This was my HN post


  • I got 9 karma

  • I got 37 points

  • I got 2 comments.

I am not sure what these mean as I am new to HN


  • Much more difficult to track but I posted in tech / marketing channels and got 15 DMs

From the board itself I received:

  • 15 email subs / day to my daily email blast with new daily tips

  • 40 LinkedIn requests

  • 7 leads (still being qualified) across email, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback


My question is what to do next?


Appreciate the win, take new freelance clients, move on. Occasionally update and repost to grow usefulness for user, and effectiveness for freelance work leads


Turn it into a proper side project. Spend many more hours refining and improving the board. Migrate it to a web platform with CTAs for an email list and generate product subscription referral fees. Build a marketing tool for marketers and co-founders. Example: https://toolsformakers.com/


Although a great response for free marketing advice and tips is to be expected, it has performed much better than anticipated.

However, I don't want to fall into the trap of thinking leveraging a few communities to get a bunch of likes and a few leads is enough to warrant building yet another side-project by an Indie Hacker for an Indie Hacker.

I have various other ideas I want to explore and that I see as being more likely to build me a real, profitable side business.

Have I achieved anything of note here apart from the glow of some social likes?

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    Great post and some really good insights into how consistent, in most cases free tasks can drive traffic and sign ups to your landing page.

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      @markjones079 Totally agree. I added some paid Reddit into the mix but I estimate at least 2,000 views just from free support with mindfully created headlines / video / CTAs.

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    Look into Refactoring UI and hear about it on the latest Art Of Product podcast.

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    Any tips on getting popular posts on LinkedIn? Were you leaning on people that were already following you? I don't use LinkedIn much to be honest so I don't know how to make the best use of it.

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      @seanw Yes, add video. If you want more thoughts please feel free to email and tell me about your objectives. Details on Trello.

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    Just read the entire trello. First, thanks for sharing. There are quite some good things in it. But man, that’s so much work! How much time are people spending per day on that? Looks like hours, right? Well, if it pays off, that’s fine. I wonder if many people like me just waste their time on social networks or if done consistently and for longer the efffort does pay off?

    For your question. There are ton of marketing businesses out there. There is also a huge need. So if you are passionate about it, do it. Otherwise, don’t .

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      @Madamdo I was able to deliver 2,000+ views for about 5/6 hours work but I have several years experience in digital marketing. However if you read the card about being lean you'll see these are EXPERIMENTS. Your job is to try them and optimise for learning.

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    I'm so glad this got traction for you. Congratulations.

    I've been enamored with this since you originally posted it and been contemplating building a site conceptually akin to this myself.

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      Thank you, lovely comment. Please do add me on LinkedIn so I can follow your projects.

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    Congratulations on your success! I say ride it till the wheels fall off. What do you have to lose?

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      Just my time! But I agree and have decided to do so.

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        Glad to hear that! Keep up the good work, and let me know if you need support with anything :)

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    Just my first thoughts: Trello is a great tool but it would be nice if you would pour it into a website.

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      Yeah I was just gonna say the same, you need to get that into a website

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        What does a website offer over a Trello board. I think I know the answers but for the cost vs reward I'm interested to know.