August 9, 2018

A Learn to Code Community & Podcast

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    This is amazing: and very needed.

    The learn to code niche is one of those that's impossible to saturate: like the loose weight and fitness niches.

    IH solves the challenge of how to launch a side project through community inspiration, I like how your site solves this same issue for newbie devs from atypical backgrounds.

    The site design is clean: but I think a parallel card design would work better, like how the product page is implemented on this site.

    Best of luck with the project.

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      Thanks!! Yeah totally. We’ll refine the design eventually as we get more content. The important thing is we’re actually doing something and creating quality content 😉

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    I remember when PeepCode (acquired by PluralSight) had this series which the CEO would interview known coders such as Jose Valim, Aaron Patterson and actually record them coding a small app live. That was really refreshing, especially seeing them how to tackle a problem step by step.

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      Oh cool!! I’ll have to check that out. Definitely agree, it’s nice to see other dev’s thought process

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    Nice summary Crowe! and is nice to know more people that also are starting with their podcast. I also just started a spanish podcast about start ups and I am enjoying every moment. Keep with the updates and thanks for sharing! Italo

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      Thanks so much! 🎉 I’ll post the next update tomorrow :)