December 5, 2018

A Wild Spam Article Appeared

I'm noticing more and more that spam articles are being posted to indiehackers, I want to hear what other peoples opinions on this are, I personally think it destroys indiehackers and totally devalues the platform and that there should be measures taken to stop these types of posts. I've tried reporting them but obviously reporting doesn't stop them being posted in the first place and considering everytime I look at indiehackers these days I see one it gives me the feeling that the report system isn't really working.

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    Reporting works, but as @thomasm1964 has pointed out, it can't do much to stop new people signing up from new accounts. There are a few things I can do that will help.

    Getting rid of self-serve articles is probably the best thing, as those provide the biggest incentives for spammers. There are also blacklists and common traits among spammers I can use recognize them before they make their first post. Of course I'm doing some of this already, but it doesn't catch everyone, and there are sometimes false positives, which is unfortunate.

    It's likely the homepage will be changing soon(ish) in such a way that will make it very hard for spammers to ever appear there, so probably won't invest too heavily in fighting spam before then.

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      A simple Baysian filter and some extra hoops for new users to post would do the trick.

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    I've noticed entire accounts devoted to penile enhancement, weight loss, escorts, Ambien, HIV treatments and casinos following me and see similar on the front page. There's an order of magnitude more spam that's semi-IH related.

    The spam has become a real problem.

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    They are becoming an increasing problem and the Allen brothers ( @csallen and @channingallen ) have acknowledged as much.

    However, given that you don't know who is going to spam, where in the world they live or which hosts they are going to use as bases for their spamming, it is difficult to know how to proceed.

    I assume it is possible to subscribe to public blacklists of spammer hosts as a starting point. Also, given how many of the spammers seem to be promoting medical services in India, it might be possible to get smarter with respect to posts which both originate from India and which promote specific doctors or discuss specific medical problems.

    It's easy to criticise but it is more helpful to offer potential solutions for the benefit of everyone. Informed suggestions will - I suspect - be more than welcomed by both Courtland and Channing.

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      Putting any post with the word exam, viagra, or penis into a mod queue would probably cut the spam down by over 80% instantly.

      Opening up the moderation queue for handling reports to trusted users would improve response time too.

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        I made a similar suggestion some weeks ago.

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      public blacklisting and having a post approval system are both two solutions I thought of, I get your point about giving solutions with issue, I purposefully didn't just because I don't know fully how their system currently works and I personally would rather think of the solution to the problem of my product myself rather than having someone try and tell me what the solution is

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    Yeah, I noticed it too.

    Possible solution: a minimum number of points before being able to post (like some subreddits do).

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      That could work, but did you realize it’s more difficult to get points on Indiehackers?

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    I completely agree...