January 1, 2019

A year of working on my sideproject every day (and how it paid for my bills)

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    Incredible work! I remember seeing this for the first time over a year ago, and I'm really glad it became a success. Or rather, that you put in the effort that made it a success :) Best of luck for 2019! 🚀

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      Thank you Wogan! :) Yeah, the hard work is starting to pay off now! I wasn't a fast starter but I guess persistence kept me on the right track :P I am not sure it can be rated a success yet but hey, 2018 surely made a difference :) Let's keep at it every day, shall we? :P

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        The fact that you're still operating a year later, and making enough to pay your bills are both great signs!

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    I don't think your users will mind paying $2/mo for the app. That means 2.2k. I say ask them and do it. Oh and congratulations!

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      Thank you Bigyan! You are spot on on the fact that my price could probably be optimized. Now that I can live from the project I want to focus on improving the product/marketing before actually spending time on optimizing the price, but yeah, it's definitely something that's going to change in the next half a year! Thanks for bringing it up!

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    Very cool, there's a lot of inspiration packed into your story here both the success, and the meta of using your own product for its own success. Hoping to follow your example of consistency to make 2019 the year my "side project" pays my bills.

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    Great job and great article! I just downloaded it and giving it a try for 2019!

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    Hey! I remember you!

    Wow. Real motivational to see this a year later and the progress you’ve made. Quick question - the darkening of colors - is that for a streak? What color is it if I want to skip? What’s the half triangle mean? Sorry, I couldn’t follow the fast moving cursor in your gif on mobile.

    And congrats on the milestone!

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      Hey @agerard !

      Awesome, thank you! :D

      Yeah, the darkening is for the streak, the more you do the darker the color gets! A little thing to keep us all motivated :P Trust me, it feels bad when you break it (been there too many times!) The skip (the triangle) is a neutral element that preserves the color of the previous day, it's like you didn't progress nor regress, fully neutral. But hey, don't you dare skip twice!

      I am aware this should be communicated better on starting the app up, feel free to share any feedback on how it could be less confusing!!

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