December 2, 2018

Accidentally made a new MVP.

I was honored to be on the podcast this past August, and one of the things I mentioned was that I don't quit my "pain job" so that I continue to understand the struggles and pains of our users. Well, that resulted in a new MVP this week, quite by accident.

My "pain job" is casting actors for projects and working in film-production. Recently I received a job to cast 120 actors for a new web-video. It has proven to be daunting to not only find the actors (but made easier by our casting software service) but scheduling and confirming the auditions, as well as then sharing that information with others on the team, would seem easy, but it's not. Most scheduling software does not care about or allow for media services to be included. For example, to be able to include your headshot or your reel (video sample of your work), I literally sent ours trying to find something that would do exactly what I, and I;m sure many in my position, needed. So, with the help of one of my staff (also not a developer) I made a "duct tape MVP" combining tools and API's.

I am not a developer, and thankfully have one as a co-founder, but I am now going to start testing this duct tape MVP and once we fine tune what it is, then I can turn my partner and his team loose on making it ours.

That's my story this week. Thanks for reading.

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    I love this approach. Will it be kind of like a Workable for film staff?

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      Kind of. A bit more focused on visual, as it's for on-camera talent, but conceptually it is after you've made your first round of selections and use it to manage your self-scheduled "interviews" (auditions).

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    Great! Actually just listened to that podcast.

    I love the 'pain job' concept. Over half of what I build is to solve a personal pain point. Unfortunately I've only recently graduated to the stage of prepping those projects for actual release, but finding and solving problems that way might be my favorite shift in thinking for the year and the best advice I'd heard in a long time.

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      Thanks Jim! Love to see hat you have when you have it.

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    That's a good story, TIL about pain job :)