April 5, 2018

Advice on our new landing page

Hey Indie Hackers!

We've been iterating on our landing page for the past few weeks. We got really good feedback from IH community members and rewrote/redesigned the whole thing.

We're building www.gethighlights.co to help solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small businesses automatically find and prioritize the biggest marketing opportunities from their analytics and email marketing tools (Google Analytics, MailChimp, etc).

We'd ❤️ any feedback and criticism.

You can check it out here 👉 www.gethighlights.co

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    You seem to be focusing on "marketing opportunities" as a term but it doesn't instantly make a lot of sense to me. Your description above ("prioritize the biggest marketing opportunities from their analytics and email marketing tools") says a lot more. Maybe this is one of those tools that really needs a explanation video.

    "Break free from overwhelm", should this be "Break free from feeling overwhelmed"?

    I like the clean no-nonsense layout and typography. I think it's unfortunate that your name is (lower-case) highlights because that seemed to have forced you to italicize the product name to avoid any confusion.

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      Great feedback Amin! I think you hit the nail right on the head rgd the lower-case name. Not sure what to do with that one.

      Good point for overwhelm, we'll adjust. For "marketing opportunities", it's hard to find a term precise and wide enough. We'll try and find better. Thank you, I really appreciate it! :-)

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        You're welcome! Regarding "market opportunities", maybe a lengthier text that untangles what you mean could work? I wrote some copy to explain my thoughts.

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          Wah. Great stuff! I like the angle. Will try and see for revisions. Thank you. :-)

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      Agree with this! Didn't know what "marketing opportunities" meant, had to dig down further to figure it out and I'm still not 100% sure I know what it means.

      Page looks very good overall. One other nit: consider SSL! It's very easy with let's encrypt and will avoid a scary red unlock symbol on various browsers.

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        Great. Thank you Ben. :-) We'll encrypt the page and try and find a way to clarify "marketing opportunities". Struggling on that one a bit tbh. Thank you!

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    I really like your landing page. I understood completely what you are doing. However, i did not get your revenue model. And this can avoid signups. Why? Because your target group are marketers and they don't want to invest their time in tools, where the price will be too high or is based on selling your data.

    But in general: Great idea and i think that this is a good niche, but with hard to handle potential customers. Looking forward to hear more from you!

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      Thanks Sven. Great feedback! :-) That makes a lot of sense (and we really didn't think about that). Do you feel like it's more about the price point? Or more about the fear that we sell their data?

      For "hard to handle potential customers", it's because it's marketing? ;-)

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        It is about the unknown. „What is the plan?“

        And about hard to handle: You are trying to sell to people that try to sell to other people all day. That’s why it’s so hard. But on the other side they understand the value of products.

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    I see you're fellow Montrealer!

    As a side note, you should work a little more on your copy because it took me 2 - 3 reads to understand what exactly you're offering. Good luck!

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      Yeah! There doesn't seem to be a lot of us out here. :-)

      Great feedback. It definitely needs some polishing based on all the good feedback here.


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    The design and flow is great but agree with some of the other comments. This is more of a "copy" issue then a design issue. Good start and thanks everyone for helping out a fellow IndiHacker

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      Yeah! We'll get there through iteration. Thanks Travis! :-)

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    Hey, here are my impressions based on a first look:


    Do you know what marketing opportunities you're leaving on the table? highlights knows

    Question headlines can work well, but here I'm not sure it's doing so well for you. My impression is that it focuses to much on an indirect benefit (marketing opportunities) and not on the end result (money).

    At the end of the day, I don't really care about "marketing opportunities" per se, I care about the result.

    Compare that with "Grow your business by picking up your marketing low hanging fruit."

    If you want to insist more on a pain, you could also go with "Increase your bottom line by identifying and fixing leaks in your marketing funnels."

    If you want to go more "cost savings" — "Identify your weakest campaigns and slash your marketing budget in half without hurting your results." Etc.


    highlights finds and prioritizes your biggest marketing opportunities, instantly.

    Okay, that's pretty clear — my only concern would be about the terms "marketing opportunities." I think you're talking about only a particular subset of marketing opportunities (unless I misunderstood the product).

    For example, you're not going to tell me I could run a campaign about a topic A with a message B aimed at audience C to get a return R. You're focusing only on fixing leaks in my existing marketing assets. That's fine. But it pays to be more precise.

    "Highlights plugs into your marketing data to identify and rank optimization opportunities in your funnels."


    Get started free

    Not a bad CTA, you might want to add a secondary "Learn more" CTA since I'm not sure you're going to be able to close people that early.

    Main visual

    Ok, the product looks nice and I can see how it relates to the text above.

    I think some improvements can be made both in terms of the landing page and the product itself.

    • Instead of having just one screenshot on a device with a list of opportunities, that's a case where I might want to have a carousel to highlight (duh) several precise use cases: Underperforming campaigns across all channels / Underused properties with high traffic, etc.

    • In the product, since you're ranking opportunities, it would be interesting to see visually how that ranking is factored in. I would assume the opportunities are ranked from most valuable to least valuable — but what's the value? Since (I assume) the product also aims to be prescriptive, you might want to name the opportunities as such, i.e. not use the name of the email campaign, but rather something like "Increase open/click rate for campaign X”, “Improve page X to decrease bounce rate” or something.

    How it works

    Probably a good section to have, although to have a more complete "above the fold" experience, you might want to have a testimonial before that.

    Securely connect your analytics and email marketing tools

    “Securely” is a nice touch. That would also be the right place to give a list of all the integrations you’ve got so far, and maybe a roadmaps for the ones you’re working on, because “Does it integrate with X?” is going to be one of your most frequently asked questions.

    highlights uses Sean Ellis's I.C.E. score (Impact x Confidence x Ease) to identify low hanging fruits.

    Interesting. You could probably find a pull quote there that explains the benefit of using that framework, with a picture of Sean Ellis and his credentials, for people who don’t know him. Brings you some authority by association.

    Optimization suggestions are explained in natural language.

    See, it didn’t look that way to me, as mentioned earlier. In your first screenshot, I see “High traffic, increasing bounce rate.” Okay, but I still have to deduce what I’m supposed to do. You’re not making any recommendation directly.

    Get results in minutes

    This section doesn’t seem to add much to me. I would scrap it and possibly replace it with a series of use cases (as mentioned above — you could do it here if you want to keep the clutter off the hero section), more testimonials possibly, etc.

    As mentioned, I would move the testimonial higher so you have social proof earlier on the page.

    Hope you find something interesting in there! :)

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      Woah! This is amazing. Merci David ! :-) So many good ideas. I think you're definitely right about the core benefit. This makes it a lot more tangible.

      We'll rewrite/redesign it next week. I'll make sure to use a lot of your suggestions. THANK YOU :-)

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    Hey man!

    First and foremost congrats on creating the landing page :)

    I have a few observations:

    1. Page Down/Up didn't work for me on the site (Ubuntu/Chrome)

    2. First part of the page could use a little color in my opinion

    3. Under the "How it works" section, the second step's list could use some list styling and indentation

    Hope it helps :)

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      Awesome, thanks for the feedback Attila! We'll work on clarifying the second step and make the top of the page more punchy. Down/Up seems to be a weird problem with Unbounce pages. It should be fixed when we re-build the page. Thank you! :-)

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        No problem, keep rocking on :)

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          🤘Thanks Attila!

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            P.S. Page Down/Up fixed. ;-)