December 6, 2018

Any designers interested in an experiment like Unsplash?

I'm currently sorting a few of my own pitch deck templates to publish out to the community soon through a simple site. Want to join? It would be like Unsplash but instead of photographers sharing their work for free, we'll have daily/weekly curated slide deck templates for free.

If you are interested, please DM me on Twitter @thisiskp_ or email

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    What's the idea behind this experiment? To drive people to your website? Almost every pitch deck has to be personalized, so is this what you're hoping for? How do you see fellow designers cooperate and what's in it for them?

    Posting images for free makes a lot more sense, because they are rarely made for unsplash exclusively. Whereas if you design a full deck template - and on top a quality one, you'd want to sell it. And bring taffic to your site that way.

    Just curious.

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      Hi there, great question. The idea is to drive people to a central website and thereby to individual designer links/website/behance portfolio as you wish. Pitch decks was probably a broad term and yes they are heavily customized typically. Let's just say slide decks in general. This isn't a new idea just a revisit to many such template marketplaces but hopefully cleaner and leaner. Goal is to get designers to openly share something worth sharing (templates in exchange for traffic/visits). Kind of life Unsplash/Undraw .I understand it's not for everyone but I am happy to share the 10-20 templates I have sitting somewhere on my old drive and wondered if anyone wants to chime in.