May 27, 2018

Any feedback on my Idea?

Been feeling burdened lately with menial tasks, which although easy to do still take up precious time. (Downloading movies, articles, Organizing research, downloading practice exams q's etc.)

so, Could I create a on-demand platform where ppl like me can pay others to complete boring tasks for me in exchange for payment.

The price would range from like 5 usd to 30usd per quick job. (Crypto is a payment method)

These tasks could even be something such as designing a landing page,

providing feedback for your MVP.

Small coding projects could be possible, or even short writing tasks.

I can code/design, so i've started work on a simple MVP with a couple friends. Would love to have advice and opinions.

Just thought this might be a good way to free up some time for us to spend on things that are more important.

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    Two sided markets are always really tough to start. The website is secondary to figuring out how you jump start both sides of the market at once. It usually takes a bit of capital to get something like this going.

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    Full support for this concept. I use upwork but the friction is really high. Mix fiverrr and upwork and you’ve got a product. Helping buyers (people who have tasks) and sellers (people who will do them) foster long term, trusted connections would be a super helpful feature (for me at least).

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    It seems you are describing a freance recruiting platform. Did you hear about freelancer and upwork? Did you think about a strategy on how to bring people on the platform?

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      I would add peopleperhour to that list.

      +1 About the challenge to start a two-sided market. Think that the idea of productized services can be a good jumpstart...there was a post about it on IH.

      Also has a really interesting approach, focusing on questions/answers from specific people/groups.

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    You have everything you need to build a successful product in your very first paragraph:

    What makes it menial?

    Lean into any one of those tasks and explore why you’re doing it and where the friction is. Explore alternatives. Research how other people do it and how they feel about it, and how it fits into their lives. Then show how it can be different. That’s the work! 👍

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    Paying with cryptocurrencies is a non-starter. Did you even research feasibility of that? As in: what is the paypal or stripe of facilitating crypto payments?

    Marketplaces are go-big-or-go-bust.

    You've described, which is an 8 year old business with millions of providers and 413 Alexa rank and $110 million in VC funding.

    It's very successful.

    What is it that you'll do to compete with

    Are you prepared to compete with them as in: setup a company, fund it with your own money or convince a VC to fund it, hire programmers to write the code, hire lawyers to write contracts between buyers and sellers and your company, hire support people to resolve inevitable disputes, have processes to prevent fraud and handle the fallout when you failed to prevent fraud.

    If you think you're ready to go from zero to CEO in short time, then go and try build a marketplace.

    The go-big-or-go-bust dynamic is why it's so rare for marketplaces to succeed.

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    Did you envision something different to

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    Sounds a bit like, but for more menial things. I think it's worth building to test out!