November 7, 2018

Any suggestions for mobile app beta test community?

Hey there IH!

I’ve got a mobile app I’ve been working on that I’m excited about, but I’m not quite ready to launch it and need some help outside of my circle of friends to beta test it. Does anyone know of any beta testing communities I could share my TestFlight link with for some feedback?

Thanks in advance!

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    I'm going through this as well. I have to agree that finding testers is difficult, and it's compounded by the fear of being a beta app.

    But reaching out is so beneficial! The very little feedback I've received has been crucial to understanding how people perceive my app. I recently posted my beta pretty publicly, received some testing, and very little feedback (it was pretty critical, but I'm happy with that).

    Here are my basic thoughts on how to do this:

    I think your first step has to be to get over the fear of it being beta, because without getting the beta out in some form, you're at a huge risk of spending time on unimportant aspects and not recognizing larger problems.

    Next, I would brainstorm a list of all of the places you know, including responses to this post. Stuff like subreddits, beta lists, etc. Do a quick search and write down blogs and other places with communities as well.

    Then, start small and slowly push your comfort zone. Reach out to individuals who post/reply with problems your app solves. Each community is different, but a simple message (or public reply) like "Hey, I'm working on solving this problem. <a little more detail>. You could help me build the right tool by beta testing my app." (This takes some work to get right :)). Get the responses from non-scaleable methods and push forward with more public methods as you gain comfort and iterate on the feedback you receive.

    Edit And there's an alternative approach if you want to spend money - pay people to test your app :)

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      Really good points Andrew, thank you. I’ll start reaching out to smaller communities that may find my product useful.

      Here is the beta link btw if you’d like to take a look and have an iPhone,

      CookUp is a recipe aggregator focused on making it easy to save and cook recipes you find scattered across blogs online.

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    Hey Greg, I'm currently trying to recruit beta testers for an app as well and I've tried signing up for quite a few different beta lists, aside from trying to post on on HN, Twitter, reddit etc.

    The only one that so far gave any results was

    I got about ~80 signups from there. Only about half ever resulted in an install though and currently I have about ~30 active installs left.

    I'm currently within the 1 month grace period for as well, so that one I'm still waiting for and have yet to gain any experience with.

    Getting beta testers is hard work, and given you'll only get any constructive feedback from about 5-10%, you probably need about 100-200 signups to run a successful / iterative beta.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try Did you run your beta via TestFlight or did you just launch app and run through the App Store?

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        My app is strictly Android for now, so the Play Store variant of TestFlight. To increase visibility I've however resorted to simply opening it up on the store for purchase, but the beta can still be joined.

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    Think of where your core audience is and start there?

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      Definitely solid suggestion, I’m just hesitant to go to my end user base in beta in case app is buggy / not ready it may leave a bad first impression. Do you think I shouldn’t worry about that?

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        Hey Greg, I just passed through the same (even though I shipped before and know I should do it etc) and the struggle is always real. But you HAVE to release it to a small external audience in some way. I also ran out of friends and family that suited target profile and started exploring "channels": did small ad words campaign (didn't work as I wanted), reddit (ok), quora (ok), facebook ads etc - I used very small campaigns and burned around 300$ by now but learned a bit more of my core audience (age, profile etc).

        So I think you should expose it to first audience BUT with expectations for them that it is early BETA

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          Thanks Sergey, I’ll try that - appreciate you sharing your experience

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    Hi guys - the easiest way to find beta testers via your public beta links is by posting it on Check out the site. Plus it’s free!

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      Hey Greg, I did try out PublicBetas initially, but that was just after you launched, so unsurprisingly I didn't get much traction.

      Do you have any public numbers on your userbase? One thing I have missed from most of the beta-sites I've submitted to, is any kind of analytics. It would be useful to know how many passer-bys there is, vs. how many actually engaged.

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        Very good point René - my next task is actually to integrate an analytics service into the app so I can collect better metrics about the beta userbase. Most likely going to go for GA to stay low cost.