August 7, 2017

Anyone interested in doing a September startup sprint?


I was reading this post ( from the founder of Buffer and he talked about starting Buffer as part of a Hacker News startup sprint.

My team and I just started testing a new idea the other day so I was wondering if anyone would like to join us in working to get a new company launched by the end of August or September.

We can help hold each other accountable, share information and tactics, etc.

What do you think, anyone up for a challenge?

Edit: edited the title to be September since that seems to be the consensus

Link to Slack group (thanks Ramy)

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    This is something we're considering doing "officially" as part of Indie Hackers in the future. Would appreciate you guys' thoughts and ideas for how to make it good!

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    Great idea. I would love to see more of this around here!

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    Great idea! Just joined the slack channel.

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    I'm up for this. I guess we should all bookmark this post? I just made a Slack team for this - I figure it would be a helpful way for us to all keep up.

    Join here:

    Might also be worth posting on HN closer to sept to get more people involved

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      Awesome, thanks for setting that up man!

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        The September sprint could be a good use case for I think would be an organized way to add/save/edit the progress of your projects. Simply sign in on September 1st and set the journey duration to 30 days and you're good to go.

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    Amazing timing! I'm gearing up for a launch and would love to take part in this.

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    I'm interested in this. Im almost at launch stage but been lacking motivation recently.

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      Time to get it launched!

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    Yeah man, I started my 100 day sprint with #100DaysOfCode on Twitter, and am writing a howto in ebook format here, The SaaS Handbook: - the idea behind it is to document all these actionable steps that a developer can take to actually have a side project which might one day be featured in the business page on IndieHackers :)

    Currently I wrote about how to set up a VueJS project with best practices, so you can start developing a landing page that will be usable as a back-end app as well. Yesterday I wrote about how to collect mails for Mailchimp with VueJS. I today set up Firebase, and used hosting on the free tier with a walk through how to deploy. I'm planning to do login/register in the next days with Firebase Auth (free), and then slowly moving into billing (Fastspring, Paddle or something similar). The idea behind all of it is "don't write it if you don't have to". And the whole idea behind #100DaysOfCode is constant progress.

    What I can do obviously is share some free copies with you guys, and if we can think of a hashtag, we can move this to Twitter and touch base here for long-form discussion? We could also do a Discord chatroom if somebody is up for that :) I see there's a slack channel, but it doesn't work for me (but yay!).

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    👌 I’d be down with a September 1st start. I have an idea I started but have neglected the last few days.

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    +1 would love to do this! Maybe start September 1st?

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      I think September definitely makes sense at this point, anyone who's already started just gets a head start.

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    I am in for the challenge, how would this work? update here on progress?

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      Ramy set up a slack group here

      I think we can do another post like Sept 1, 15 and 30 here to share updates with the larger community

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        will join

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          I think would be an organized way to add/save/edit the progress of your projects. Simply sign in on September 1st and set the journey duration to 30 days and you're good to go. Start a journey at missstart and then post on slack group, then everyone can see your progress at a glance.

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    Would like to join! Can you message me?

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    I think it's a cool idea. Definitely intrigued

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    I also have a project that I want to push out that date count me in :D

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    Im in. Joined the channel! Don't know if I can get this book out the door by September 1st, but what do I got to lose?!?!?

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    I won't be available during most of September, but that's a great idea!

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    Fantastic idea! I'm in ;)

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    Great idea - I'm in!

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    Sounds interesting. I may or may not be doing more contracting through September, if not I'd love to join in.

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    I'm interested... I have a few product/sites on the go of varying size but one I really want to launch by the latest end of September. Just joined the slack channel!

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    Cool info mate, thanks for your tips!! now gotta search for tips on hgh on because of my needs... but anyway, thanks for everything!

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    Wow great idea. I'm down! I been flirting with some ideas and found some holes in my tech skills. I would like contribute to this sprint and help others. I just joined the slack channel as jus_mike also.

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    I'm intrigued -- and up for giving this a shot.

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    I'm interested but how does it work exactly? Do we all post our ideas and it should launch by the end of the month?

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      we're all in a slack group - open invitation to come along and see what we're doing :)

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          Please stop spamming. One mention in a thread is enough. 3 are spam.

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    umm.. what's the "idea"

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      Beginning September 1st, we all have 30 days to get a new profitable business off the ground.