November 7, 2018

Anyone run an agency and care to give some advice?

So I am interested in starting an agency. What tips do you have for someone thinking of starting an agency? How do you get leads? etc.

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    It depends on the type of agency. What's your product?

    Anyways, I had a boutique creative agency in Helsinki and Moscow and for us worked two ways of lead generation:

    1. Cold Calls — we went directly to clients with ideas and tried to pitch/sell them. Sometimes they buy your idea, but you have to deliver a golden solution.

    2. If you were in the industry prior to opening your agency, then you should have a wide contacts network. Ask your friends in production houses, usually, they have a few leads already

    3. Find a pitch. Sometimes companies do open pitches and you can join and win.

    4. Get a few Golden Lions or other valuable awards. Clients love it. Then you can sell your agency with a bit lower price comparing to a regular market price (or higher, depends on many factors).

    This is my experience, so maybe someone else would tell you different ways to get leads. Good luck!