August 10, 2018

Anyone writing on Medium?

I write a few articles a month. I enjoy the writing experience. Here are my stats for the week

Anyone else write on Medium? Find it useful?

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    I do, mostly about gaming and esports!

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    I've been using medium for almost an year now :

    Last month's stats :

    When I started, I was concerned about rented channel and SEO. Turns out that google loves medium for SEO. One of my posts rank one for a particular keyword.

    It has a very engaged tech, business, self help and design community. You can get your message across and build your brands easily. Signal VS Noise is a medium blog, Jason Friend has only a medium blog. So does Zat Rana.

    You will lose out on excessive customization, tracking and popups, but that's the cost of reaching a huge audience without much effort. I don't think readers like them either.

    Not an expert, but feel that :

    • If it's a personal blog, medium is the way to go.

    • If it's professional and needs to be monitized using Google Ads, then medium is no go.

    • If it's professional, and is there to build a brand image, inbound channel, medium might work just fine.

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    Not... Yet. But thank you, for help me to find a place to publicate different kinds of topics and to join a really big world of thinkers and new ideas.

    @joshdance I owe you one!

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      You got this! Good luck!

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        Thank you!

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    Been writing since October of last year. I very much enjoy the writing experience, and have started back up again recently.

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    So I'm interested - how do you decide where to write? For example, a personal blog, a business blog, or Medium?

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      I chose Medium just because it has built in reach. They will promote your articles if they do well.

      I have heard for SEO (see comment above) that it is better to blog on your own domain.

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    Hi Josh! Nice stats!!

    I'm writing on Medium, but not that frequently. I think it's an important part of our activities right now for our startup despite the relatively small exposure at the moment.

    PS. My last article actually gave you props :)

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      Well shucks! Thanks! That is awesome, hadn't seen that article yet.

      I also am really enjoying the Maker Goals.

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    Yup! I write about Discord server growth here, and every thing else here!

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    Nope, maybe you should reconsider it...

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      Don't you just publish it on your domain first and then set the canonical URL to your domain? I haven't used Medium but this is what I've seen recommended. The benefit of medium is the vast audience. Good luck getting that to your personal blog when you are just starting out.

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        +1 to this. You can do both and it won't hurt your main website.

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      Thanks, hadn't thought much about this. I have my own website but don't post there much. I will try out the canonical link method.

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    Nice work Josh!

    I've started a founder interview series on HackerNoon, the Medium publication with 356k followers, inspired by the Indie Hackers text interviews:

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      Very cool! How do you source the interviews?

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        I just reach out to people and ask. They’re normally very receptive 😊