June 13, 2018

Are you all doing local meetups? You should be.

Tonight we had a group of 16 Austin, TX Indie Hackers meet up at the Capital Factory (a local Coworking/business event space) to talk about some of our business successes and failures. Thanks to @TrevorMcKendrick for setting it up.

Long story short, this is a fairly popular site, with people from all around the world. Indie Hackers are out there, and meeting up with each other face to face to discuss things is a great experience. Depending on format, it might also be good to get used to public speaking in an understanding atmosphere, which is good for all of us. Tonight I got up and did a speech and Q&A, and got a TON of great feedback on all the things I could be doing. This sort of thing is invaluable for us.

So, have you been to an Indie Hackers meetup lately? Would you be willing to put one together if it doesn't exist near you? Would you go if one existed? What do you think of meetups in general? Let's talk about stuff.

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    No I actually am trying to host one in my area and let's see how it goes but is it possible to have a remote meetup as well since there are not many people on IH from my area (I guess)

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      I can't see why it wouldn't be possible. I'd love to see an online meetup that's as a good of an experience as a face to face.

      An online meetup lacks a lot of the personal interactions you get from face to face. Having group discussions is WAY easier face to face than it is, even on the phone. Specifically when you have more than one person that could be talking. It would be interesting to see someone pull this off, though!

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        Virtual meetups are better than none at all, but I think the real issue here is bandwidth.

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    I see @csallen has shipped the Meetups feature now too!!!

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      I just noticed that feature! Sweet.

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    Couldn't agree more Tommy! I had a blast chatting with a bunch of fellow hackers tonight! A lot of great talent here in ATX, and a LOT of potential for some great products!

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    What are you working on Tommy?

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      My current project is Witsi.co, which helps people track their credit card reward points and rates their purchases based on what they could have earned.

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    Anyone in Berlin?

    Tons of meetups too, signed up for so many that I barely do any work anymore. These things are fun, you can get addicted...

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    I help organize the Seattle meetup. We have 65+ local people interested in meetups. Although, only 10 show up at a time to the monthly meetups.

    In general, I think they're a great idea, mainly for getting feedback and hanging out with people who understand the journey.

    Having our own Slack group has worked out really well for us, so that people can continue conversations between meetups or if they're busy and can't make it to meetups. I would recommend it.

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    I was hoping to go to this one but it didn't sync up with my local schedule :(

    I'd love to have one in Houston, but so far there hasn't been any interest.

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      We generally have something once a month here in Austin, so there should be plenty of chances. Houston's a pretty long drive, though.

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    What was the process for setting it up?

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      I forget how locations came up. We could list them on this thread, if you wanted.

      Our organizer collected email addresses, I think through PMs. Our first meetup was at a MOD Pizza, so it's not like it's super formal.

      But you could do this any way you want: Twitter, FB group, Telegram, Meetup.com, whatever works for your area. There may also be current meetups for similar groups that you could all plan to go to. The face to face interaction and open real-time discussion is what really makes it. The place and name is really secondary.

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        Thanks. Maybe I'll create a LINE group.