December 6, 2017

Are you also an Indie Filmmaker?

I have been experimenting with a side-project to help creators of short and no/low budget films. I am going to keep my description short and let the website fend for itself.

I would appreciate any feedback on whether or not the message is clear and/or would be useful for a filmmaker.

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    Hey Erik,

    It's great to see new opportunities for filmmaker to promote their work, so thank you for this.

    That said, I am not sure I understand properly in which situation this is useful.

    • is it to find new crew or to get in touch with the audience? "Engage the community with updates to the crew, cast, and production status" is not very clear to me.

    • "Send me a message and I'll get your project setup." So is that a completed film or in progress?

    Although after reading more, it seems that it is for films being in progress. But I don't quite get how as a filmmaker I can benefit from it. Is that something you could clarify?

    If it's only for recruiting, there are already several websites for it, castingcallpro, mandy, shootingpeople, spotlight. What is the difference between yours and those?

    Also, watch out for typos. "recieve" should be "receive". "Build awareness of", not quite sure that's correct. It might be, but doesn't sound well. And a small thing, but whatever color you pick, and that's not important, the 2 buttons "try out demo" and "message" should probably have different ones.

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      Gui, thank you for the detailed feedback.

      It is intended for projects that are starting/in-progress where updates are added as progress is made on the film.

      But that is not as clear as it needs to be, so now I will focus more on improving the copy.

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      Oh, and trying the demo, I don't get what I am supposed to do.

      • I click on the apply button, but nothing happens. And are those buttons for people who would apply, or for my as a project creator?

      • Seeing festivals here reinforces that this is for completed projects, so I m still confused on this. And what does "7-Day Shoot Out" mean?

      • I don't see other things I can edit or update. If that's the full extent of the demo, that seems limited in my opinion, in order to get an idea of your service.

      Also, I was looking for an about page, to know more about your or the team behind, but could not find any. It would help if you could add some infos even at the bottom of the main page.

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        Gui, thank you again. This is very helpful.

        Originally the demo did have a few more features, but now I see that I haven't added any description or details about how it would/should work so I can work on that as well.

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      You can find my updates at the same URL above. I have addressed your concerns and clarified the language. Let me know what you think, thanks.

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        Cool, your intentions are a little more clear.

        Now what's missing is everything else :) Since I only see a wall of text, and this is a site builder for films (if I understood correctly), I need to see:

        • how it will look

        • how I will build it (what control will I have, is it going to be flexible, easy to use)

        • will I have the same advantages than the platforms you compare with.

        • at least some examples

        • your price

        There may be other things, but that s what I can think of now.

        But to still critic the home page, it s very bare to only have black text. It should definitely have more life to it.

        And for the about section, it s good to see your face and a short description. I'd be personally curious to know what "contributed to a few short films" means. Which are they and what did you do? All in all, you have to reassure me that I would put my project in the hands of someone who has a deep understanding of promoting films.

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      After thinking about how to improve the descriptions of what I see as the purpose of the website, I wanted to get your opinion on using an analogy such as "IMDB for short and low budget films."

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        Mm, I m not too sure about this, as there are already short and low budget films on imdb.

        But before trying to find a good tagline, how would you describe the benefits filmmakers would have in using your platform?

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          The primary benefit is that a filmmaker can have a single page to share everything related to their project from the beginning. It would merge the features of a custom website (structured for a film project), IMDB (cast and crew credits), and Facebook (updates and announcements).

          The filmmaker could use this to build an audience of people who want to follow the progress of that project and then have a final product page when it's finished.

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            Okay. In that case you will have to nail the design. It should be able to invite filmmaker to share their work and enhance it.

            How is that single page going to look? Why a single page and not multiples? Should it have a blog? Why will that be better than a facebook page? a vimeo page? Those are some of the questions you may want to address on the front page.

            Good luck. Happy to give you another opinion when you've moved forward.

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              That's fantastic, can't thank you enough!