November 6, 2018

Are you part of a mastermind group?

A mastermind group is community (usually exclusive, sometimes paid) of like minded people who provide each other support and advice around a certain topic (SEO, Entrepreneurship, Sales, etc.).

Curious whether any IndieHackers have joined one of these groups and if so what your experience has been.

Have you gotten your money/time's worth? Would you recommend your group to other IndieHackers?

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    I am in two groups like this and yes I feel they have been totally worth more than they cost (both are free) and I highly recommend them. Hit me up on Twitter if you want me to tell you, I don't want to spam IH.

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      Last of the big spenders, I see!

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    Yes and no.

    I have many founders and investors who keep me on a monthly retainer. Right now there are three founders and two investors in that list. This is through a group made to discuss tech, design, and find new startups and talent.

    I connect these founders and investors to talented designers (like @pedrocortes), engineers, and co-founders whom I've meet online or in-person based on their needs or services.

    We usually lurk sites like Indie Hackers (and various other slack and discord servers) to spot people and products to invest in.

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      Haha, thanks for the mention Dinesh :)

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    I've been part of one (found through when it was free!). It was very very useful. I had to take 2 runs at it.

    No surprise, but the quality of the people in your group are the main thing. I got some great advice and gave some (hopefully!) good advice back.

    It was AWESOME for accountability given I am an army of one.

    If you can find a good one then definitely do it.


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    I'm not in a mastermind although I'm doing something similar as I'm currently getting sales and SEO training from two different guys and I teach them my stuff around funnels and how they can scale/improve their business in return.

    It's a win-win and it's been super helpful for all of us :)

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    I've "run" one between a few buddies of mine for more than 2 years. We're on and off depending how busy everyone is but it's always valuable to get trusted friends to help see things from a different perspective.

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    I started a mastermind group. It wasn't easy to find people to join (I invited people several times on IH), but we've got a good weekly tempo going. It's been useful for all of us.

    We're all are building similar businesses—teaching people online via videos and using a freemium model.

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    I started a thread about setting them up a month or so ago. I have a small list of people who are interested.

    I haven't been in one before, but it sounds very rewarding so I went to IH first to try to start the process. But yes, free sounds like a great price to find people who want to grow together! :-)

    Hoping to post about it again soon with some structure to help people, myself included, find a group.

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    Unpopular opinion but I tend to find networking/support groups like this attract people who need them and not people that help them.

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      Has that been your experience? I might actually be one of those people - a tech nerd trying to navigate the world of business :)

      I've spent time reading about marketing, growing customer base, LEAN and lots of other topics, but I wouldn't say I'm good at it yet.