July 11, 2018

Ask IH: Can I build a HackerNews/DesginerNews for X with Webflow? (I am non-technical person)

Hello IH Nation, I am following this amazing community for a few months and it increased my appetite for starting a side project. I have an idea: a HackerNews/DesginerNews for a specific industry*.

As I am not a technical person but I still want to build it myself. I saw a lot going around here on IH threads that Webflow could be a suitable way to built it. I have set up 2-3 Wordpress sites, only installing plugins for some light features, but I think would be very hard for me (because of my tech gaps) to build this product in Wordpress with the following features*:

  • a visitor can register for an account with little info (username, name, email, country) -> become an user

  • an user can create a new item (thread/link)

  • an user can comment on an item

  • an user can like/unlike an item

  • an user can view it's own activity/change password/change email etc

  • multiple items categories

  • each item have a score based on a formula (variables comments&likes&unlikes)

  • home page will display the items based on items' score

  • each user will have a score (karma) based on the score of his items & activity (comments on other people items)

  • general leaderboard (based on users score)

  • category leaderboard (based on users score in a specific category)

So... I can do it with Webflow? If not, what else would you recommend me? How long do you think would take me to built it?

I know I have a lot of questions, but I am pretty newbie in creating stuff in general. Thanks in advance for your answers!

  • This industry consume a lot of content and they stay organized mainly in Facebook Groups & Twitter chats currently and I validated it. People want it.

** More features will stay for the moment in my had, I cannot articulate them in a understandable language.

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      Thanks for your recommendation, sounds like what I need.

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    Difficult to build in webflow as can't do up votes in a good way or users login and sign up. It's one of the site's I'm going to build with newco.app but want a clever way to do it.

    Alternatives, for WordPress have you looked at rank it wp?


    Bubble (bigger learning curve) but I have instructors who are submitting videos to teach you how to build it...may be a few weeks until those lessons are released

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      Thanks a lot for your comment. The link for Hellbox does not work.

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        Oops it's hellobox.co

        Discourse is definitely an option but can get expensive! Votes are a premium integration too.

        Try https://flarum.org/ as an alternative to discourse

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          Flarum looks amazing and it's continuously developing new feature. You can't be inlove with open source stuff.

          Thanks for sharing this!