July 16, 2017

Ask IH: Can you rate my landing page?


Hey guys, i've finally got my ass in gear and build my landing page, i'll be sending traffic to this page to validate an idea, all feedback welcome.


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    I am confused about what it does exactly.

    Easily Setup, Customisable, Send data wherever, Track your stats

    didn't tell much about what it does.

    Don't miss your chance.

    what??? what chance?

    grow what exactly? website visitor? instagram follower? what's your different from MailChimp?

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      You're absolutely right, thanks for the feedback and i'll work on it :)

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        glad it help, once you are done with the new landing page, you can edit the title of this post, or maybe create a new one.

        let people rate that again.

        Good luck

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    Ok, didn't read anyone else's feedback to stay unbiased.

    Right off the bat I would say the big h1 "Don't miss your chance." is way too vague. I'd want some indication of what problem you're solving.

    Also your "GET NOTIFIED" CTA... are you pre-launch and will tell me when the product is out? I'd like a better ideal of what I'm in for if I give you my email.

    I think finally, more clarity around how this is better or different than the many competing products. I might not be the ideal customer for this one since it's not a solution I'm seeking, but I do know there are a lot of these :)

    Hope this was useful!

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    I would want a comparison of the two processes. How is Bagleads better than the status quo?

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    The same as @ic7 - I don't know what this is/what it does - I'm guessing "Contact form as a Service"? I feel it is just a bunch of keywords/buzzwords when I read through the page. Copy is inconsistent - some sentences start with uppercase, some with lowercase, on some there is missing dot at the end etc. - overall not looking very professional.

    If it is a contact form as a service - how is it better than eg. standard Wordpress contact form plugin? 🤔

    Just a single screenshot/mockup would help A LOT 👌 This way I feel you won't receive meaningful response in terms that maybe you have awesome product (eg. your product does to contact forms what Typeform did to forms) but people won't leave emails because they simply they don't know what it is.

    tl;dr fix copy and add something concrete to the page - examples/mockups, how is it better, what it is exactly... - show, don't tell (if you ask me)

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      Thanks a lot for your response, you've hit the nail on the head, it's amazing how blind you can be to this when you already know what it is, i'll make some amendments, thanks for your time

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    I Think it's pretty solid from a design standpoint. It's not too busy, which I like. I think it's missing two things:

    Your product name. I realize it's in the url and <title>...</title>, but your short description feels somewhat like a "disembodied voice" without the word "BagLeads" somewhere before it.

    What is it? For me, I always like a one sentence description of what the product is. You copy in the Hero section describes what BagLeads does.

    Here's a good example of what I'm talking about: http://during.com/

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      Yup, all good points, i'll update my landing page :)