September 14, 2018

Ask IH: How can I find agencies?

Hey guys,

I am considering partnering up with agencies (marketing agencies or development agencies) to see if they would be a good fit for Manypixels. Do you know how I should target them / how I can find them (except Google?)

Many thanks!

EDIT: I am interested in selling a subscription of Manypixels to those agencies - so in other words see if the "agency client" is a good fit for us. Sorry for the confusion.

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    Hey Robin,

    A few years ago I was asking myself the same question. My employer at the time was fed up with the agency they'd worked with for almost five years, and expectations for the replacement were set pretty high. I started thinking about local businesses in my industry with exceptionally memorable campaigns, or just an above-average level of brand awareness in the community. Some of these companies had a PR inquiry or "Press Center" email address, which would lead me to the agency.

    From there, I narrowed my list down to about 5 serious contenders (based on portfolio/industry awards) and got permission to speak with a few of their current clients. Only a few of those agencies allowed me to have a direct conversation with their clients, so they really stood out from the rest. Fortunately, the feedback/ testimonials I heard held true when I became a client. It was a lot of legwork, but we got impressive results pretty quickly.

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    See if you can find lists of marketing partners of large SaaS products like Hubspot Marketo and SalesForce

    Generally are on the site because they want to be found.

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    Think you’d find nuggets of wisdom from what Jonathan Grzybowski, founder of Penji, shared on getting some of his first customers through cold outreach to agencies. and his positioning for agency clients:

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    Hi Robin, how about LinkedIn?

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    Hey Robin,

    How about using an online directory of service providers like ?