September 14, 2018

Ask IH - How to receive payment from Romanian partner ?

Hi IH,

I am based out of India and one of my partners in Romania and he needs to transfer some amount to me.

  • Paypal does not work for him

  • Payza used to work earlier but now it shows an error that Payza is not available in Romania Sorry!

Can you recommend some online mode using which such transfer can be made? Thanks!

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    Just to answer this question for future readers, I had to go with upwork and although it would take 20 percent commission but I could not find any other alternative.

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    Payoneer? I use it to pay a contractor in Ukraine. It can be a bit slow as they make lots of checks and ask for a lot of ID, but it seems to work well so far.

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      Thanks man! I will check it out..

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    Hate to say it, but your best bet might be transferring via cryptocurrency and immediately exchanging that for your local currency.

  4. 1 could work for you. They have a lot of currencies available and he can even send you in BTC and you can exchange it right away into the currency of your choice.

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    XRP :D

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      After seeing the crypto bubble burst, XRP is not the best choice :)

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    You should be able to do it with Transferwise.

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      I just created an account on transferwise and after filling all the form, giving them all my data they gave a message that transferwise is not available in your location.

      They could have saved me 15-20 mins by telling this earlier :(

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        That's weird, I'm sorry, I checked their page before commenting and I'm pretty sure I saw both India and Romania

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          No problem. I also saw that.