June 13, 2018

Ask IH: How would you find a co-founder?

Hi, this is one for anyone who is considering (or has considered) teaming up with others to work on an idea, side-project, startup, etc.

I'm working on an idea that will help you find co-founders/partners/people to collaborate with. Finding the right co-founder is never going to be a simple or quick process. There are so many things to consider... skills, personality, common goals, availability, money and probably a lot of other factors that affect how compatible a potential partner will be.

Having said that...

  1. When you are looking for initial introductions, what questions would you want to ask someone you might consider partnering up with?

  2. What are you looking for when you search for people to contact?

  3. Have you used any of the current solutions available (eg. CoFoundersLab, founder2be) and did you find anything useful/frustrating about what they offer?

  4. Have you had any success actively trying to find the 'right' person in this way?

Thanks for any feedback.

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    Ironically, I'm also thinking about building something like this. I think the value-prop is clear, it's the execution of the previous generation of apps that has made this seem difficult to do remotely. I'm a hybrid designer/developer (mostly design), and am approaching it from that angle. I think there's an opportunity to take a unique and thoughtful design approach that communities like CoFoundersLab and founder2be were never very good at.

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      Interesting that you are seeing the same opportunity here.

      It helps to understand what a person's expectations are of this kind of service. It's going to be impossible to find someone with the skills you need, who you can trust instantly and who you 100% know will put in as much effort as you.

      But I agree there is some value in approaching this in a thoughtful way and helping people to start conversations that could lead to successful collaborations.

      The reason the sites you mentioned exist is there is a problem there to be solved and there's every chance we haven't seen the best solutions yet. That's why I'm trying to understand the problem more.

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    Know them for 10 years and have experience working with them on projects first. Ideally, be their sibling.

    Co-founder matchmaking events and sites are pretty universally horrible.