May 16, 2018

Ask IH: Is worth finding investors for my recent website release?


As many people know, I released a website but I'm curious about investors. When does that come in. Is it worth thinking about investor just a recent release?

I don't have much money?

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    I think you need to think about this in a larger sense.

    If I walked up to you and handed you one million dollars, what would you do with it? How would you improve your site? How would you bring customers to your site? How would you monetize it and get me my million dollars back (and then some)?

    Once you answer the above questions, ask yourself then "do I need $______ to do this?"

    Do you need a $500,000 to implement x feature? Do you need $250,000 to start implementing some Google Adwords / Facebook Advertising? Chances are the answers to the above are NO.

    Basically - what do you need the money for that you can't do now?