January 11, 2019

[Ask IH] Payment gateway for non registered company


I’m working on a small SAAS project and want to add subscription payments. I’m based in Poland, so Stripe is not an option. Also, I don’t have registered company.

Any advice on the good service that can solve this problem for me?


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    I'd contact an accountant about that. Tax laws in Poland are so complicated, I wouldn't risk setting up a SaaS without registering a company. And I'm pretty sure they'll tell you you have to register a company. Besides, you'll need privacy policy, terms of use, GDPR compliance and all other documents.

    If you did have a company, I would recommend Paddle as well. I've been using it on https://tookapic.com for several years now. They make taxes much easier.

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    In many EU countries you do not need to open a company under a certain amount of money/ year. Sure that in Poland is not the same? what about Braintree ? https://www.braintreepayments.com/at/country-selection

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    Paddle? They'll deal with EU VAT for you and EU VAT is a big problem you want to avoid when you're starting.

    I don't know about Poland but in the UK you don't need to register a company to sell so I'd confirm you really need to do this.